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  1. My love of Pokemon meets Final Fantasy

    Valid point. I forget Skarmory has access to that move
  2. My love of Pokemon meets Final Fantasy

    Thanks I never thought of that before but with Latias it sounds like I'll have a decent counter to one of the best known cores in the metagame. I have been meaning to try a multi dragon set up but never had the right combo Thank you for the encouragement. Perhaps a wish set up isn't really...
  3. My love of Pokemon meets Final Fantasy

    While I have experience with RMT's elsewhere, this is my first for Smogon. I've taken the liberty of choosing tasteful names to reflect the roles of each poke as well as my keen love of the character. The premise of this team is to ensure my ace sweeps to his heart's desire to which i've seen...
  4. A Good Core Means Almost Everything

    Flame Orb looks good on paper but it runs through Conkeldurr. Leftovers does prolong his life and with Drain Punch all the more so, especially considering Sand Teams. Without Leftovers against a Sand Team your viable Terrakion/Tyranitar counter is doomed to failure. Granted you got Rotom but...
  5. MenceDance

    For your Gliscor set I don't think that set is particular when it comes to running taunt and protect. you already run trick and rapid spin for Rotom and Starmie so its unnecessary coverage. Recommend an offensive move like Facade or Ice Fang in case you run into the ever so frequent Air Balloon...
  6. Apprentice Program: Round Fifty Six

    Username:HiddenDragon72 Age: 21 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: [BA] Ace Of Keys Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT-8 Mornings from 6-9, Afternoons to evening 4-11. All day weekends What tier do you want to learn?: OU, DW OU Uber Tell us a little about yourself: I've had two...
  7. Pokémon Black/White in-game discussion

    i like the idea of battling more trainers in City. You get your money's worth or at least in game wise. i do wish there were more three on three but rotations not bad, and going up against Shaga's not bad
  8. Dragonite or Salamence?

    It would seem the original dragon has regained it's crown. And no surprise there, with access to multiscale, dragon tail, fire punch etc Dragonite has regained its edge. kind of a relief considering everyone and their mothers had to be ready for salemence last gen before the ban. however does...
  9. General Metagame Discussion Thread

    As an on-again, off-again competitive player I agree that Uber is the most balanced metagame. True my skill level and understanding of the current metagames is lacking compared to, or perhaps in the eyes of seasoned players however even someone like me can see how deceptive OU can be when trying...
  10. Worst Sports Fans

    I'd say the worst are the ones that beat up rivaling team fans. Like what happened to the SF Giants fan. a real shame too
  11. first world problems

    I've wanted to compete in a martial arts tournament for the last year but had to use my money to pay for food and rent for the family
  12. Goku Vs. Superman

    goku. even if he superman beats his ass he can come back stronger, eventually leading to superman's inevitable defeat ;)
  13. Disgaea 4, Dood!

    i saw a preview of it and it looked like it recieved a lot of reception from it. I think it looks fun to at least try, since I've never played before ;)