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  • Ok then that time on Monday. I will be on. I don't usually sleep Sunday night so I should be on at that time.
    Damn I'm in class for the next 40 minutes or so. If you are going to still be on in an hour I can do it.
    Turns out this weekend isn't great. I have a friends 18th. When are you free on Monday, your time?
    Nah I'm in a lecture. I wouldn't be able to do it for about 3 hours from now. I can do it this time tomorrow though.
    We're matched in the Monotype tournament. What is your timezone and when is a good time for you. You will have to let me know what times in advance because I have to go to the internet cafe if you want to do it during the week.
    Hello, I am ready to play, let me know when you are too (I'm on the CAP server atm)
    Hey I'm against you for in the Monotype Tourney I finished my team already so just respond with when you can finish yours and battle
    Hey, I'm your opponet for the mirror match tourney. Let me know when you can battle.
    Sorry for not answering eariler, my mom just came from a trip. Anyway, I can do this now.

    I will be on shoddy.
    So sorry. I left around 1:30 Pacific time and it seems you VMed me around 3:00. It seems that my Wii keeps me logged in even when turned off. I'll probably be available tomorrow or even a few hours if you get on today.
    we still have until 16 you havnt been on this weekend next friday would be our last chance other wise if your on any time today or the weekdays
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