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  • I have RNG'd a perfect ditto and Zapdos. I named the ditto after you because it was my first successful RNG in 4th gen. You are amazing!!!!!!!!

    You gotta show me how to get on that IRC shit later so you can tutor me!
    I am online Mr.Human let me know when you're on if you log on. I'm going to make some food then make a Skype account.
    Hello Human or Enosh. It's me Nate from Guam. Thanks for the friend request. Please help me not suck. Thanks friend!
    We're paired for the VGC 2010 style gen 5 tourney. When do you want to play?
    Hey! We've to battle for the VGC tournament, I'm GMT +1 and I'm available to play in my afternoons/nights.
    My mom actually doesn't want me to go anymore, but then again I can probably fix that by letting her cut and curl my hair. It's a tough price. I abhor doing anything with my hair. I can probably guilt trick my parents like last time though through the combination of math, violin, and grades. Yes, math is on a whole different level then the rest of my courses even though my dad's an english major lol.
    It was nice seeing you guys though.

    (couldn't fit into last post)
    Well, I pissed off a lot of people lol.There was one match where this guy and I both had hax on each side and it was down to the final secs. I critted his abomasnow. I'm not sure whether he or I would have enough hp to win if his blizzard hit. I'm leaning towards him. My friends told me when he looked really mad after he left. A lot of people were confused by my team too. They all took a while to position their team.

    I went 4-3. The last match the guy had a lot of hax against me. And I hadn't eaten for about 13-14 hours except for two mini donuts and a horrible muffin and was feeling a bit sick by my last rounds. So by the second loss I completely blanked because I was a bit dizzy.
    Congrats for the trip ^ ^

    I have a really low chance of going to nats since my parents used last years trip money that was supposed to be for indianapollis last year for going to Las Vegas this year.
    How did the rest of your battles go? Also you guys never played ninja with us :P All I had were my friends and they couldn't figure out how to get past the first round.
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