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  • Looking at your battle against LockDown, you have a pretty crucial misunderstanding about combos. In ASB, the typing of a combination is not decided by what the player wants it to be, but the two move's combo type, or CT, which you can read about here. Luckily for you, it turned out that both of your combos ended up working the way you wanted, but you may not be so lucky later.
    No, unless you have a mon in a "The Legend Run" RP, then you can have your mons battling in a max of 3 battles.

    Anyway, its your choice in the matter. I'll inform Nyttyn that you xanceled your battle with him.
    Just letting you know that in asb, you can have up to 3 matches going on at once.

    Of course, if you meant in your post that you have 3 battles going on, then I understand.
    Ah, okay. You have HG, right? Could you teach my Infernape Thunder Punch? Would that need a heart scale?
    Sorry man, that message was at 8 AM, it came after I left, and I was just checking Smogon before leaving for college asdasf. OK, this isn't just gonna happen ~_~ Tell me the times at which you're free, along with your timezone, I'll tell you when I can catch you in that timeframe.
    What, metal coat. Yeah that happens to any item used to evolve. Don't worry about it, glad I could help.
    Cool. Trade the Scyther to me and I'll send it over with metal coat. It'll just be one sec...
    Yeah, I finished with my internship report and presentation yesterday, I'm free from now on. Hit me up on IRC sometime, and we'll flesh this out.
    nah, I have internet problems. My match against one of the smogon frontier guys ended because of the same thing, but right after we started. It really gets anoying
    great, my interent went off. Can I take the win still, since I would have won anyway
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