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  • Just so you know, I moved your post about playing Red to the RBY Discussion thread. You can find it here.
    Lol, I'm really sorry but I only trade with people that do have a trade thread. And besides that, I can clone myself :p
    I won't be home today, but if you can catch me at around 7-8 EST and anytime after that, it should be fine :)
    You can contact the following: Cybertron, mattj, Ninahaza, BadIntent, and andrea. I do know that the 1st 3 have the pokemon. :)
    To everbody involved with me here:

    My wifi has been down all day due to not only weather, but poor internet service. I live in RIchmond and have hughesnet, which has been horrible. Tommorow morning i will be hooked up with Comcast high speed finally. I apologize to all of you who have been waiting.

    Ichrono. Your pokemon are done sets/ribbons,evs, everything. We will trade first thing tommorow. Or tonight if you're on and this thing lasts. You don't owe me any credit dude, even though me being late wasn't my fault,i was still late.
    Sorry, but I dont have box space for EV trained Pokemon soon
    I might need EV trainers soon though, so check my thread as it will say if I need EV trainers there
    I have a few jobs atm, I still need to think of the sets I want though . . . interested? If so, then how many things would you like to do?
    Remember all the rules:

    My Pokemon aren't to be redistributed (the one you spend your credit on is to be left nFT)
    Don't keep a copy of my Pokemon (I know you can't clone but don't have someone clone for you to get 3 Pokemon out of a 2 EV training deal).

    I'm in wifi, as stateed.
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