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  • Do you care about the nature? I'm sure you do, but I hatched a Quirky female with 31 atk ivs, approximatley.
    No prob! I just want one to see the epic event scene with Cynthia. Just need two more eggs and I'll have a full party! Cross your fingers!
    It's a 50/50 chance....and they were all males. Depressing.

    Oh, yes, I have an Everstone on her. That's the annoying part.
    Do you have an everstone on the Skarmory? Try that after your done with the pidgey. It will most likely expedite the process.
    I don't know man. I've been breeding with an Impish Female Skarmory for a week or two with no results. I GOT A SHINY SKARMORY, but not a single impish one.
    Of course. I have a full party of eggs, with a Magma, so it shouldn't take long. I'm sad though because the Staraptor I was using to pass whirlwind to Skarmory lost whirlwind to a new move, but I had to take it out to breed these.
    Hey, I know you're breeding, but do you have an extra event Arceus / Mew? (lol, forgot you can clone) Anyways, I was on vacation when those happened, so just wondering.

    Edit: Breed the Camerupt? Oh, nononono, lol. It's an Incubator (Magma Armor Hatcher).
    Yea. Is there any particular way you want me to breed the Camerput? I can't get perfect IVs of course, but I can come close.
    While my mind exploded from trying to figure out the process (jk), I'll meet you here! Wait, so I trade for the Pidgey, breed for one with the flawless ditto, meet you back online, trade you the Pidgey and the Camerupt, you breed for the final products, then we trade for the Camuupt back with a cloned Pidgey?
    Actually, a Camerupt would be better if you don't mind :) So how about this. Ill meet you online and trade you the Pidgey. You breed the Pidgey with the Ditto I gave you until get a female one. You let me know when thats done, and Ill meet you online to get the Female Pidgey. Ill breed that Pidgey with the Staraptor, get done what needs to be done and let you know when the finished product is ready? Sound good?
    Of course! I'm actually in Solaceon Town with a Camerupt (I've been her forever. Let's just say God gave me a Shiny Skarmory to make up for these long gruesmoe hours that haven't ended yet. lol)

    I could give you a male Hippopotas with Slack Off to help you're breeding if you want.
    Really now? Hmmm, why not! I suppose I should trade something extra with the Larvitar then? The only other things I have are a plethora of Hippopotas and Skarmory.

    Edit:I'm going to edit my sig with my friend code in it.
    Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one. I'm a big fan of sandstorm, so the Larvitar is pretty good. I could...Hmmmm. What nature is it?
    Yes please, Ill need 2 back of my: darkrai/jolly arceus/naive arceus.'You get to keep copies. When you go on wifi, for the junks can you give them 3 tm explosions. Then for the 6 back: 1 tm hidden powers and 2 tm thunderbolts?
    I just need it for my team. If I can distribute it in my thread, that'd be nice, but I don't really care about that. And since you're checking to see if it's redistributable, I'm assuming you can't nickname it.
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