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  • Okay. CMT thread for it (unless you want to just give it to me for free, I can clone). Please post in my thread, too, if you don't mind. It needs to be bumped.

    Also can you nickname it? If not that's okay.
    of course you got clone since i cant lol but yeah you cant trade it to anyone since it not redis

    i want rest and sleep talk see you online

    ill need my chatot back when i trade to you
    Hey we got matched up for the VGC sudden death tourney. Let me know when you can battle.
    We have to battle for the VGC Sudden Death Tournament, so VM me a time when we can battle and Ill see if I can make it, or just VM me when you see me online
    Things such as entei with exclusive moves are such which are hard to keep up with to be grounds for blacklisting. We usually go after illegal hacking, intentional disconnects that add insult or trading of hacked or non-redistributable pokemon or whatever is grounds for disqualification at nintendo events such as the VGC.
    keep being rude it ll just help the process =D. and lols at the fact that you called me a cave man...
    k well regardless.... it s still banned from wifi use... if you would read about comp battling... they take it seriously around here... its something that is banned from nu. I dont make the rules... i play the game LEGIT... so... cry all you want or say i am crying but... u were still not supposed to use it in a UU battle. Then with the response you gave me... thats why i am reporting you. i was just filling you in for future battles and things like that. So I was in no way being a prick...
    i wasn't trying to be a prick... but now i will be. GG on becoming blacklisted. I was just letting you know how things go... and obviously you dont check the tier listings before you battle... so I wasn't going to go any further than that... Now I will. so have fun being blacklisted.
    just some fyi... that entei is banned from comp play right now. because they dont know which tier it shuld be in. you need to put that in your sig or something or let me know u are using illegal event pokemon before hand.
    Thanks for my first uu battle, as you can see I don't know what I barely know what I'm doing and my team is constructed like crap. That was pretty sweet to end with a draw though, and a lot of the hit's i did against your pokemon they lived with like barely any health (donphan, entei, milotic) so yeah, thanks for my first uu match
    I don't mind savving ( I do it myself) but hidden powers grind my gears.
    It can make something uncounterable.
    Whatever, can't be changed I guess
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