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  • hi, when do you want to play for wcop? i'm gmt -4 and would prefer the weekend
    bro fist
    bro fist
    ok, nos vemos el martes
    bro fist
    bro fist
    bueno, ya nuestra battle no importa entonces te puedes quedar a disfrutar de tus vacaciones :'v
    [K-12] The Madchine
    [K-12] The Madchine
    No, no, quiero jugarla igualmente. He estado testeando estos días y me he traído el ordenador y he vuelto hoy antes de la playa para jugarla. No me quiero quedar con las ganas. Agradecería que la jugaras y te la tomaras en serio. Tengo muchas ganas de jugarte. :)
    PD: Enhorabuena por haber ganado el torneo. ;)
    hey we gotta play for wcop semis, im gmt+2 and available most evenings, preferably on the weekend, if that doesnt work we can probably figure out smth else

    we play for wcop r1. i would like a few days to prepare a team. i will be available most of the day on thursday and beyond, barring some forced family time on sat or sunday. i'm CST, let's do our best to get a time ASAP
    when play bro
    since i know ur a john, just pick a day before June 30th Plz cuz i'll be very busy after that. i have the same timezone btw (spain/france) so shouldn't be a prob
    Hello man, we are paired up in the same group for WCoP
    I am +3 GMT, and can pretty much play anytime but between 5pm to 1am EST
    rather get the game done after the 28th since I will be having finals
    We've got to play for spl. I'm GMT+11, sometime Friday night, Saturday morning or Sunday night would suit me best
    Hey, I've added you to the subs list for the No More Legends Tournament. Just let me know if you can't/don't want to be on it! :]
    This weekend is really bad for me, and I'm not really ready right now. I can do a lot of times next week though so just let me know when you're free.
    Hi we have to battle for the wcop. I'm GMT -5, please contact me back to let me know your hours of availability so that we can work something out.
    I can play only in the evenings (after 9 pm) or in the weekends, let me know something
    hey when can you play for wcop? im gmt+10 and i'd prefer to play on the weekend if thats possible
    I'll be on for pretty much the rest of the night. Just come by the po server and look for 'Treecko' if you can still play.

    edit: never mind, the deadline just passed.
    Hi, I am your new opponent for the POWC (I am treecko). I was subbed in over stone cold. Will you be around a few hours before smogon tour tomorrow? If you can't, let me know when you are available to play tomorrow.
    Yo, we have to play for the POWC (I'm ABR).
    You can usually find me in the main server on PO witch nick Back Burner and in the smogon's chat on mIRC, nick JoeTD.
    my gmt is +1
    be around in tour time and then we play. i have been really busy in the entire week and sunday wont be different (exam on monday).
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