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  • Hello again, I finally was able to catch my shiny Uxie! I figured out what was wrong - for some reason I couldn't hit my usual Timer0, so I had to find another seed. I was then able to find the correct Chatot pitches and calibrate from there. I just wanted to thank you again for your attention. See ya!
    I have never used pprng but obviouly was talking about rngreporter. Also, since this method requires you to briefly return to the overworld each time you save, itl be lil tricky to pull off in an area with many npcs. The best thing to do imo is to test only once to find your initial frame and do the rest with uour chatot.
    I think I found it - it's in the Researcher tab in RNG Reporter, right? Thanks :)
    I have an egg with SV 1638. Could I possibly get you to hatch it for me? My FC is 3582-9591-6526, and my IGN is Rei.
    In regards to the Assault Vest set you posted in the Gourgeist thread: It is a bad gimmick and entirely non viable. It has mediocre attack, lacks moves with big BP, has bad coverage, is slow as balls, and is very easy to wall. I am deleting your post so that the thread doesn't get derailed (you did nothing wrong, just wanting to keep the thread clean).
    Hey I posted a response to your question in the RNG reporter thing about the roamer. Message me if you need any other confirmations.

    Oh and, to find how to turn on the lua script in desmume look under file and look for lua script. I think that's where it is for Desmume 9.8 but I switched over to 9.10 recently and it's under Tools, at the bottom. I may recommend upgrading to Desmume 9.10 as well.
    Hey! I have a charmander egg with your SV. any chance I can get you to help me hatch it? thanks!
    just making sure haha. be on in one sec
    I'll just be sitting online, so just trade request me once it hatches. thanks a ton!
    thank you so much!
    And by the way, VM = Visitor Message.
    PM = Private Message.

    You must learn to know certain acronyms ;)
    0 0 and Which part did you not understand? It's the same as in BW1, you just start from the second egg..
    What the... :/
    I sent you a message, must I retype everything??

    To quote...
    "Hmm if you can how about giving us a thorough step-by-step method on how to do egg RNGs in BW2 :)
    I've read your post, but it's a bit confusing though :p"

    BTW how about scrolling down to see that I ask it before.
    Hey, one of my eggs has your SV. would you be willing to hatch it? my fc is 4854-6588-5564 :)
    Make sure you have my id as 1638(iirc but not1721 or sth 。They listed it wrong at first
    Hmm if you can how about giving us a thorough step-by-step method on how to do egg RNGs in BW2 :)
    I've read your post, but it's a bit confusing though :p
    Excuse me for my ratty reply on the Greninja thread. I was forced to pay for two train tickets cause the train conducter claimed i just picked one up of the train floor and tried to pass it of as one i had bought. so I had to pay £20 ($27?) in train fares. i am little on edge sorry.
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