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  1. Grades

    Oh I hope you're kidding. You do realize that: People with low grades tend not to post them in a thread like this one. People are easy about lying on the internet. Don't underestimate these two facts. Any internetcommunity I've been in so far has had threads like these. And apparently, over...
  2. Your most memorable video game boss fights *spoilers*

    The drone from Privateer... Last seconds.
  3. Policy Review Policy Review: Voting Process

    If you think your spread is the best, you should be able to vote on it. You've probably thought about it more than the average voter, so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to vote, just because you created one of the options. If there's 9 people working together to make a spread, they...
  4. Pokemon Platinum - The definitive thread: Mach 3 (Competitive Discussion)

    It appears hypnosis' accuracy has been lowered to 60%: That should strongly effect usage of Gengar, Yanmega and Bronzong to name a few.
  5. Trying to create the perfect wifi team :P

    What do you do when Heatran comes in?
  6. In Your Opinion, What's the Best Typing?

    Normal/Steel with Sword Dance/Extremespeed
  7. In Your Opinion, What's the Best Typing?

    Dragon/Steel Resists: Normal/Water/Grass/Electric/Poison/Flying/Psychic/Bug/Rock/Ghost/Dark/Steel Regular: Fire/Dragon/Ice Weak to: Ground/Fighting Give it some defences and you've got a wall for effectively 75% of all Pokémon.
  8. Anyone up for a hideous, disgusting story? (Chuck Palahniuk thread)

    It may not be the writer's intended theme, and readers may miss the deeper thoughts, but it still is a gross story.
  9. Math Question

    Negative. 3a * 4b * (2a)² = 3a * 4b * 4(a)² = 48(a)³b 3a * 4b * 2(a)² = 24(a)³b I think the second answer is what the thread author meant, and, although his formulation is horrible and would freak out your average math teacher, it is correct.
  10. Team Hailstorm RMT

    Skarmory is not a Heracross counter. Gliscor is.
  11. Determining HP Power

    Perhaps read the question before answering? One would have to do semi-endless testing the damage it does on fixed enemies, which altogether would probably require a battle on Wi-Fi (since you need the enemy to have a set Hp and SpD) which would make just finding out the IVs a lot easier.
  12. BP team with a differance

    What does Extremespeed do on Smeargle? Afraid it gets taunted? Trust me, this will not hurt a lot of enemies... Why not put taunt there yourself? Or even Substitute or Spider Web?
  13. A... Wi-Fi Warstory? Le Gasp!!!

    Good predictions, good comments, good opponent, great warstory!
  14. A Pimplupian Warstory: Pimplup vs. seds

    What exactly could it have made the opponent think? He still didn't know whether Starmie had Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic or Rapid Spin as it's fourth move. As such, he would most likely, ignoring the possibility that the enemy is stupid, not keep in either Garchomp or Gyarados. But please...
  15. Warstory: Testing Team

    Do you mean Hail resists/Ice types? Because he has Bronzong and Infernape resisting Ice attacks.