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  • Man we have really bad schedules. Hmm.... I get home around 1is your time I think, so if you want to battle around 2 then I can do that

    (P.S. I will always refer to your time when talking about times)
    I might be able to do it, but I'm not completely sure because I'm going somewhere for the superbowl. I can stay on until 3ish your time.
    Hey! We're paired up for the OU Mini Tournament. What's your timezone and general time you're on? Mine is GMT -6 (I live in Illinois) and I am usually on after school on Monday. I can probably be on Sunday as well.
    Kiyo man... we seriously need to meet again! We fell behind a bit, and there's less than 3 weeks left in the round! I'm always on Showdown as TEzeon, so feel free to PM me at any time.
    Hey man, sorry about Tuesday. I was at a friends and totally lost track of time. I don't know which days you can make it, but I'm going to be on Showdown everyday from now on. Whenever you can make a session, just meet me there!
    If you're good to go, I'll be on Showdown again. Just PM me whenever you're ready!
    Well, I'll be on Pokemon Showdown as TEzeon all day today, so we can have our first meeting!
    Hey, if you're on tomorrow around 3PM my time (1 PM yours IIRC) then we can battle then. Otherwise, if you're on past 8PM my time (6 PM yours IIRC) we should be fine.
    When I build a team I just try to make sure the team covers its own weaknesses. Beldum Labs synergy calculator is great for defensive synergy. and from an offensive standpoint i basically test things out and see if i have trouble with a certain poke, and if i do i find a viable replacement. If I'm serious about it I might even make a checklist of the top 30 pokes on the usage statistics. But in general if your team supports itself its gonna fair pretty well.

    Wich calculator is this? Do you have a link?
    Hello, I will no longer be participating in the tournament. You win by activity unless I get replaced by a sub.
    How about we do our matches Sunday night arout 10:30pm (6:30pm your local time)?
    I'm not free next Saturday, but that time the Saturday after sounds good to me.
    Hey man, I see you live out west eh. I'm GMT-4 (4 hours ahead of your local time) but I can go online late so there shouldn't be a problem. A good time for me is usually at 11:00pm (7:00pm your time). Does this work for you? If not we can arrange something else. BTW, I'm very busy for the next 4-5 days but after that I'm free to get our matches done. If you absolutely need to get the matches done ASAP though, I can find the time but otherwise, I would appreciate it if you can wait at least 4-5 days.
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