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  • The group is now obsolete. Please take preparations to the Battle Arcade Preparations thread. Additionally I wiped all reservations, so 1-8 mons are available for you to do.

    9-16 mons are temporarily on hold.
    waterwarrior is reffing our ASB battle so PM mon to him (just noting this because, since his quote didn't include my quotes, it wasn't immediately obvious that he'd taken the battle from glancing at his post).
    This is mostly a nitpick, but in the Referee Resource Thread, my entry is listed above deadfox081's, Destiny Warrior's, and Dogfish44's when it should be after Dogfish's alphabetically.
    That wasn't my point, I agree that our spreads are different enough to warrant consideration separately and if you're anything like me I bet you mapped out your spread halfway through the BSR discussion and tweaked it when Dusk posted. I just thought it was pretty funny.
    Every stat on your Submission is within ten points of the one on mine, lol. They're impressively similar in function - I guess great minds think alike.
    3. Don't ref illegal actions. If a player makes an action they're not allowed to make during a round, such as ordering a move they don't have or using a non-attacking move during Taunt, don't ref the round. Instead, let the player know that they need to make legal actions. Note that the posting of illegal actions doesn't reset DQ time- players still have to give legal orders within the timeframe in order to avoid disqualification. This also doesn't apply to substitutions- Illegal substitutions should be ignored, not reordered.

    -Ref Training Grounds. This may be helpful for a certain ground leader battle.
    Hey Korski. Looks like the time's come for us to battle. I'm thinking:

    3 v 3 Singles
    Arena: ASB Tournament Arena (standard with no restrictions)
    Switch = OK
    Items = On
    Abilities = On

    If you have any objections to that, let me know. After, I'll post confirming.
    Sorry, but how did the bullet seeds do the same damage if one was with light screen and one wasn't?

    Also, how would you codify a double bullet seed combo, and treat consecutive energy useage?
    Surf doesn't appear to have the boost from rain? (It is also required that refs post calculations as per the new guidelines)

    EDIT: Screw this forgot about guidelines, but for future reference, can you post calcs?
    Ok, well saying I wasn't on for a week is obviously wrong since I was on fairly frequently, even seeing you on irc. I thought I had sent my orders, but it seems I was mistaken since gerard called the dq.
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