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  • In my Battle Castle challenge, why is there a -2 in all of Excadrill's attacks?
    Hey korski. For battle vs thewolfe, please check out haunters a2 damage v marshtomp, i think it should be 34 with crit, not 24 (17x2). If damage is incorrect, please let me reorder. Thanks for reffing!
    Yeah, smash is taking too long...Would you mind if I find a substitute challenger? Or should we continue to wait for smash? Or should we just call off the match. Thank you in advance.
    How did you get 17 DMG for Nidoking's Earth Power? I'm getting (9 (BAP) - 5 (Light Screen) + 2 (Sheer Force) + 3 (STAB) + 1.5(4-2) (Rank Difference))*1.5=18.
    Hi, just wondering if you've got smash's team for my battle yet. It's been a few days...Thanks in advance.
    hey, I was curious if I could tempt you with some delicous, practically workfree RC. Me and Terrador need a ref for our 6v6 singles match and would love if you would honor us with a reffing
    Oh, it just occured to me that because of Drifloon's Quiet nature, the RNG for Gligar missing Stone Edge should be yes=<160, but I guess it doesn't matter since the RNG still rolled low enough for Stone Edge to muss regardless.
    BTW, would you ref Me First as working on your own team? (i.e. if Swinub used Blizzard, could Blitzle use Me First to hit the opponent with a second Blizzard?)

    Here we go. :B THe Zoroark is barely any different from the one you already have, I just fized some outlining a little.
    Oh, alrighty, I'll get right to it then. :D

    I just saw some of your sprites and thought "Hmmm, he must still be working on them" or something, lol.

    I just saw your ASB Profile and thought you'd be interested. :B

    Edit: I didn't do Onix/Pyroak 'cause I didn't know what exactly you might have wanted. :<
    Block: The Pokemon moves with unnatural speed to block off an opponent’s exit or attempts to gain distance. Block also releases a white energy that encapsulates the opponent, preventing them from getting too much distance. While Blocked, an opponent is more vulnerable to a follow-up attack, especially if they were moving with enhanced speed when Block is performed. In a switch battle, the Pokemon also moves with an unnatural speed to block any attempt to switch the opposing Pokemon and the move's energy prevents the opponent from switching out that Pokemon in between rounds for the duration of the battle.

    You can't switch out to Honchkrow.
    Hey, I'm reffing your battle with SoS, so send me your mons when you can. Also, if you haven't done so already, send Ragnarokalex your team for our brawl.
    Hey mate, don't want to edit my post so as to avoid looking dodgy, but in my match with SkinySkarmory Aron should still have her Hone Claws boosts, which you didn't have in the round end summary.
    Hey, did Tortferngatr PM you his actions? (Also, js that the brawl alex was talking has been taken, so you don't need to worry about it)
    hey me and Fire Blast have another 6v6 Brawl in the Battle Tower that needs a ref, and I was curious if you wanted to soak up another 14 RC
    I will be reffing you battle against Blazikenmaster-Zeo, PM me your team(If you want an apprentice ref under the guidance of Alchemator that is)
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