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  • Of course until I had stealth rock, half of your team resisted toxic spikes. haha and Scizor resisted all three elements of the residual damage. @_@
    It's a glitch. >.< I forgot about it. Basically if I pursuit you with sandstorm up, it can create "acid rain" which does double sandstorm damage. I was using a sandstorm team and forgot that would happen. lol

    Good game. Was a long one. lol
    sorry about the blissey. I figured your Scizor or Gengar had Focus Blast or something. xD

    GG though. I can go one more round before I need to leave for work if you'd like. If not it's cool.
    Are you interested in having a 6v6 single? lol

    Good game btw. I guess it didn't matter which way I tried to battle you.
    That's odd. I make over-the-phone reservations sometimes. Must be a local place? And yeah I'll be on when you get back. Same teams as before right?
    I wont be able t battle now because I saw you fighting someone else. Right now I'm in the process of getting a Shiny Rapidash :o
    haha yeah it was. I know what I did wrong so I'd like to have a rematch with the same teams sometime and see how it plays out.

    Lapras is annoying also. lol
    Eh sure I can use my Rain Dance team for the heck of it. BUt I can't battle again after that cause I'm trying to breed that Infernape I told you about yesterday.
    Well I dont really plan on going to the actual VGC tournament and if I did I wouldnt even think about using that team I'm still trying to fix it up plus theres no ubers on it so I would get demolished. =/
    It has a bold nature and I pokesavved it because looking for it in game is too much.
    Thanks man I'm actually thinking about using Weavile but Glaceon's got the strongest Blizzard in the game and combined with Hail its anyways nice VGC team.
    Want to battle tomorrow (technically today)? I'm going to bed now, so yeah.
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