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  • lol I have a different team I wanted to use but I forgot to use it.

    Want to go again?
    Who are you battling? lul

    And yeah you'd be dead not to bring along a DV smeargle to VGC's I think. I plan on getting one.
    lol wow yeah similar teams much? almost saw this coming. haha

    ah okay. that makes sense. Surf's damage gets reduced by almost 1/4 when used. Probably more. Hmm
    Yeah, Toxicroak is a really nice idea, usually if you have an ally with Surf. Kyogre would be great for that, or even Palkia (if it can learn Surf) can have it in place of Hydro Pump, despite losing power for accuracy. Oh well.

    I'll get on in a sec for the other battle. Gotta load up my Platinum.
    Okay I'm in the room. :] Ready to go. I'm curious what you did to your team lol
    Yeah. As well as Jirachi and Celebi. If those two were in VGC, I'd imagine strategy would be too scattered. Still they're merely OU on here. o.O

    Plus they're difficult to acquire barring events.

    Btw I'll be on soon. Just getting out of class now.
    Alright. The great thing about 2009 rules is that since there are no ubers, it's essentially tag-team OU. lol
    sure. you can see some championship battles from 2009 on youtube if you haven't tried a lot of 09 also. that's basically how i orchestrated most of my 2009 team anyway. lol
    Alright. I'm changing a poke as well then too. :] I'll message you when I get home in an hour or so.

    btw are you interested in trying some non-uber double battling? Specifically VGC 2009 rules. I put together a goodstuffs team for fun and I've had no one (barring the battle tower) to battle against. lol
    Sure. I'm in class atm though. Are we using the same teams, or are we changing out?
    gg. yeah i've been doing a lot of practice with strategy and finding out just how much i can do with 2010 vgc rules. lol
    haha. I can VGC battle if you want now. I need to organize my VGC team though. Lately I've been having more fun with the 2009 rules. lol You good to battle in 20-30 mins?
    yeah, why not. different time zones apparently make it harder to have a date to battle. i'm utc+2
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