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  • o.o For real? What would the price tag be on it, though? I honestly don't have anything that's super duper interesting as I breed manually, so I don't have any super awesome pokes. And oh.. I dunno if the DW ability passes through with a Ditto breeding does it? o.o
    scyther, beldum, suicune, dunsparce, horsea, mewtwo, honchkrow, gligar, ghastly, staryu, mew, yanma, jirachi, machop, shaymin, charmander, duskull, misdreavus, celebi, spritomb, murkrow, jolteon, eevee, skarmory, darkrai, raikou, larvitar, porygon, and a few more that I can tell you if none of the above interests you.
    I don't actually have a trade thread but I have a variety of flawless/shiny 4th Gen pokemon. I can list some of the species and you can ask me for the specifics on it (nature,HP power, etc.)
    I'll take it at 100. I use the EV wings to train my pokes since I have 999 of all of them. I'll be on in 10.
    Cool have you done any trades yet?And I have been here lately thats why I haven't been on NW for a while xD
    I'm able to clone, yeah. Just trade me the Lucario and I'll trade it back afterwards. I rather not trade multiple Vulpix, since it's non-redis (which means you can't trade it or clones of it).
    Forgot to mention, I'm only interested in the world08 lucario if it's untrained and with the original item still attached, but I guess that sorta speaks for itself :p
    I'm definitely interested in the world08 lucario, I didn't see anything else in your thread that I'm looking for though. Just let me know which of my pokemon you're most interested in.
    That sounds good. Take your time and just message me when you're done.
    Yeah. See you in wifi.

    My FC is 4684 3215 0473

    EDIT: What is your 4th gen FC?
    Ok. I have two pokemon I'd like you to EV train.

    4 HP/252 Sp.Atk/252 Speed
    Moves: Toxic Spikes (learn at level 28), replace anything other than sleep powder or leaf storm which it already has. If you have a hidden power handy that'd be great too over anything other than toxic spikes, sleep powder, or leaf storm.

    252 HP/4 Sp.Def/252 Spe
    Use water stone if you have it, not necessary
    moves: recover, rapid spin, surf, and thunderbolt if you have it.
    Yeah I do. Are you available today?

    EDIT: Do you offer rare candying/pp maxing?
    It actually isn't down. If you go directly to the forum page (here) it should work fairly fine. The homepage is just not working right now.
    And alright, just tell me when you're done
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