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  • Hehehe :p Thanks for the Luvdisc my friend! I have to go to bed now, need to get up early tomorrow to get to work. Just shoot me a VM when you see me online the next time, so I can trade a Fully Redis Pokémon from my thread that you like. :)
    Oh lol, there is a button in the upper right corner of every thread, which says: Like This! If you click that and then hit OK, then you like my thread. :)
    Well, as my GA says, you can pick one fully redis Pokémon, and my own Gengar ( Wouter's Gengar is bred and trained by me on my game. :) ) is non redis. Please pick a fully redis one :) and thanks for the Luvdisc^^
    youre no noob guys like eppie are arrogant doosebags he thinks al people who cant rng are dumb for example that kind of people are dumb
    I'm sorry, but no I'm not interested in that. Is there anything from my thread that you would like to have? I do have a small give away in my thread, you only have to Luvdisc it (Like my thread), and then you can pick 1 fully redis Pokémon from my thread, for free. :)
    please post on the thread that you've been helped and what you recieved and who you got it from after. thank you ^^
    i only have roselia and riolu, i can give both. which FC do i aadd? please hurry though since i really have to go soon... add my FC on my sig
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