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  • Ok but in the description it says no status moves, which refers to all non-attacking moves yes? Or was it only hazards and thunder wave that aren't allowed?
    For the OffStat tournament... Blissey is a broken little shit. Seriously, in a tier where the strongest physical attacker is Porygon-Z (or SD Keldeo), that's pretty much the definition of centralizing.
    Noted, is there anyway to support this? We were told by R Inanimate that he thought it went that way but wasn't 100%.

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.
    "Who is this Level-51 you speak of? I know no one with any hyphens in their names."

    The same noob who frequents IRC under that very name. ;)
    Nope. I quoted your post. A little birdy told me you might try to change your post. Too late bro. Deal with it. :)
    You're hosting a tour? ?_? im done with exams lol. But PW coming .-. anddd I'm currently on doing one art that's due soon >.> so nope, gonna pass that haha :x
    LOL! I didn't expect there to be so many o.o ICC is Malaysian but in Singapore iirc? idk. Poppy is Australian ?_? haha
    :O saw your edit, haha. It's okay :p let me know if you need help in getting started anywhere / interested :p
    LOL we're that close?? u_u I'll let you know asap when I've Omicron replies. Keep you posted :) and why are you joining my group roflol. It's just for me to put wips and track stuff u_u haha
    Lol! In acjc now, was from Nan hua as you can tell from my ct :p you? Hmmk I'll talk to Omicron about that. How confident are you with Chinese though? I'm pretty bad and am mainly helping with HTML and putting stuff on-site u_u just a heads up though, translations is like one of the hardest way to get a badge haha. (And roflol translating is hard but there's some simple thoug tedious stuff that needs doing ) tell me if you're still interested :p
    For my Scramble Challange does Maestro's rule apply only to battles that it's in? What if I defeat the opponent in less than three moves with, say, Bug Buzz?
    Hey. Sorry for the long wait. We can trade sometime after 4 PM EST cause I'm playing in a football game today. Also, I don't have access to B2W2 move tutors, but with the games' upcoming release, I most likely will very soon.
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