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  • LOL! I didn't expect there to be so many o.o ICC is Malaysian but in Singapore iirc? idk. Poppy is Australian ?_? haha
    :O saw your edit, haha. It's okay :p let me know if you need help in getting started anywhere / interested :p
    LOL we're that close?? u_u I'll let you know asap when I've Omicron replies. Keep you posted :) and why are you joining my group roflol. It's just for me to put wips and track stuff u_u haha
    Lol! In acjc now, was from Nan hua as you can tell from my ct :p you? Hmmk I'll talk to Omicron about that. How confident are you with Chinese though? I'm pretty bad and am mainly helping with HTML and putting stuff on-site u_u just a heads up though, translations is like one of the hardest way to get a badge haha. (And roflol translating is hard but there's some simple thoug tedious stuff that needs doing ) tell me if you're still interested :p
    For my Scramble Challange does Maestro's rule apply only to battles that it's in? What if I defeat the opponent in less than three moves with, say, Bug Buzz?
    Hey. Sorry for the long wait. We can trade sometime after 4 PM EST cause I'm playing in a football game today. Also, I don't have access to B2W2 move tutors, but with the games' upcoming release, I most likely will very soon.
    Hey can you tell me more about the Offstat Tourney? I'm interested in participating but want to be clearer on the rules. For example, what Pokes are banned? Things like Kyurem-B and -W, Groudon, and Kyogre all fit the description of the -50 base stats separating Atk and SpA but they're usually Ubers. Thanks.
    Sure, I'll input the friend code in your user information, snag a clone, and be online in 10 minutes.
    That would either involve me RNGing a new 4th gen tauros, tutoring it to learn Role Play, and sending it over (which is really troublesome on my part) or tutoring the Tauros I already have Role Play with B2W2 tutors (which I lack access to). If you'd like, I can send over the Tauros I've already bred and you can find someone with B2W2 tutors to do the rest.
    Yeah, it's looking that way. We'll have to take another try sometime.

    Or, more likely, you will, since it's your idea.
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