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  • Hello, if you see me online just drop me a VM and we'll play. If you can play now, I'm available.
    Hey, want to play shortly? I have a few thing I need to do first though (including getting a team ready :P)
    aww i wouldn't say that. Actually I dont really know traditional that well, I just type in simplified and use a simplified-->traditional converter since I didn't know if you preferred traditional or simplified.

    I see you are from Singapore, are you fluent in both Chinese and English? Do you prefer one over the other? Just curious.
    Ah, that's slightly annoying. However, I am free on Wednesday from 11:00 onwards; I'll be able to make it for those times if you can too.
    Hey, I'm at uni atm, I'll be able to battle when I get back to my flat. :) My time zone is GMT+0, I'll be available from about 21:00 onwards if that's ok with you, if not then let me know and I'll make an effort to make it for a different time.
    Hey, for your offstat metagame, are passive damage moves, ie Seismic Toss, Night Shade, and status allowed? Thanks! :) looks interesting, might make a team for fun during holidays~
    Haha thanks and thats how all of the freaks on here knew xD. And I've been around here for a good three years. I know I've seen your name too.
    I spoke to Earthworm and since we played before the deadline I'm entitled to take the win so yeah.
    Yeah I know lol but he used Kyurem-B when it wasn't banned or anything. We'll just see what he has to say about it.
    Sorry don't have log, but I do think it'll be unfair for Django to redo the battle so I think the best thing to do is to give him the win regardless.
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