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  • You should probably ask Earthworm, Kevin Garret, Eo Ut Mortus - they are the tournament directors.
    lol, why thank you. i figured it made a seemingly cute pokemon into a complete BADASS!
    I have the same problem, I bought D3 and then it tells me my graphic card is too cheap. Is there a way to replace it on laptops or do I have to go and buy a desktop >.<
    Hey just saw your group and wondering why you started it?
    I pokesav a lot and I am not sure based on your group if you like pokesav over RNG, but I am always looking for other pokesav/pokegen users.
    If I am totally off base and you hate pokesav as much as RNG then hopefully no offense taken.
    I can't see the thread personally, but I know tennisace and I am sure he isn't targeting you in anyway. I understand it seems a bit silly, but February usage stats in April? I understand why he warned you. It's safe to assume there's a thread for each month, so you should look around before posting.
    Okay. I have both of the Mews, but they're both untrained and at level 1 since I don't know what EV's and level you want them to have. If you can give me that information, I'll have them ready to trade ASAP. In fact, you can have them for free, since I got the Slowpoke I needed from Pokecheck.
    I've just reported you again to Shii. Feel free to contact any moderator on this forum. Your acts are transparent extortion.

    Any future communication we have will be through a moderator. I suggest you review Smogon rules before you you plot to engage in any similar behavior.
    Don't mean to pester you, but I need to know what EVs and level you want on the Mews so I can have them ready for you.

    I'm sorry, I'm not really interested in breeding that. What was the 3rd gen breed you had in mind? I might be interested in that.
    Yessiree! Yeah it's going great. Yeah, my daughter is actually 4, but we just had another, Lincoln (Link) Anthony Carter just 3 months ago. Its so nice because he finally started sleeping all through the night last night!!
    I gave them this link:

    They can read it out for themselves. A moderator will be in contact with us if they think something needs to be done. Until then, do not contact me again.

    I've tried to be nice throughout all of this, but I provided a lot of services and got little in return, and nothing I agreed to up front. You, in the meantime, got more than we agreed to in the form of extra solosis clones - at the time a gift to someone who was contracted to EV for me.
    After you failed to EV for me, we explicitly discussed alternative payment, and you took me up on my offer. Since then you've pretended I've ripped you off, despite me making it very clear that our transaction was done - that I was forgiving the debt that you incurred by failing to fulfill your side of the agreement.

    Your faux victim/bullying act is very clear. Please stop trolling me.
    We are done.
    You have been reported.

    I have tried to be nice, but I'm not going to be taken advantage of by you any more.
    Oh, that's it. I've had it. Reported.

    We had a deal:
    1. I clone, you EV. You renigged.
    2. I said "fine, credits then?" no objection.
    3. When I sought to cash in some of those credits, you were like "I didn't agree to that." - but finally agreed to trade me the pokemon I asked for.
    In return, I forgave all of the credit.
    4. As a condition of that trade, I said that after the trade we were done. And we are.

    I feel like I've been taken advantage of and extorted. And I don't deserve that.
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