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  • If you feel that Crystal's writing is better than I would say c/p that into the OP, since what he basically did was a content GP and he obviously wants you to use it. If you disagree with some parts feel free to keep your own writing.
    Just copy and paste the part you like from Crystal's re-write. This is your analysis after all, and Crystal is only doing this to improve your OP. If you feel like your analysis is sufficient as is, you don't need to adapt any changes from Crystal's subjective revisions.
    Just a heads up - I probably wont get to your Skarmory analysis until Friday. Mainly b/c I'm busy and there are a lot of checks that Earthworm and Crystal made x_x
    once you get two GP checks then it's ready for upload! You can change the title by clicking edit then Go Advanced, which will let you edit the title among other things. If you have two GP checks I'll upload them now!
    Well I think you got me wrong about Nidoking, but please check the thread and you'll see what I meant.
    Anyways, whenever you need a check just vm me and I'll read your analysis for sure! Also good job doing these revamps, I myself felt that Smogon needed it.
    No problem dude! You won't find that from everybody, but it's thankfully becoming more popular among us. Glad to do it :)
    yep after the checks then you need to link your analyses to the GP queue here so they know you're ready for GP checks!
    I will look into it more closely, but at first sight one thing which bugs me is the way you overrate Blissey in both analyses. In GSC, Blissey kind of sucks. All that SpD is kinda useless without Natural Cure protecting you from Toxic. Moreover, she's a constant invite for Snorlax and friends to come in and wreak havoc, and unlike Raikou and Snorlax (the most popular answers to special sweepers in GSC), she lacks phazing moves or a true threatening presence. Skarmbliss stormed the metagame only from RSE on, it is not a concept which has real place in GSC.
    Talked to Earthworm, he's pretty sure damage calcs are the same as ADV and DPP, with the exception of critical hits. Just keep in mind when using the damage calculator on the front page that all of the stats across the board of the Pokemon are at 248 EVs with a neutral nature. So the defending Pokemon would have 248 HP EVs and 248 EVs of whatever defense EVs you're using, as well as for attacking.
    I would actually have to search around a bit, my GSC knowledge is really next to none lol. I'll ask some of the bigger players like Earthworm or Floppy to see what I can dig up.
    No problem, and thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the Project. I need to get updating though, eek!
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