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  • When can you give me the Tauros? So I can EV it for you and pokeshift some things
    Oh? Well H-1 uses Method 1 spreads so you can use them then. Certain spreads might become unavailable though. Remember to search w/o using a sync since that was introduced in Emerald.
    Uh... I'm not sure to be honest. I have no idea how to get the game to give Method H-1 spreads. The game usually gives H-2.
    uh, yeah

    The link I gave you allows you to get RAM Hack seeds that you can plug into reporter to see if the H2 slots are what you need (for tauros).
    Yeah that or checking the memory manually. There is a FR/LG lua script so you're in luck (scroll down for it).
    Oh FR/LG eh? Well I haven't done anything with either of those games tbh but I have an idea. First find your Method H-2 spread that you plan on getting. Then get in the game and find out what the current PRNG value is, then search in the RNG reporter main window for Method H-2 spreads entering the spread you want with max results being 99999999 (that's the max it can handle). If your spread doesn't come up then reset and load the game again until you get a starting point that's within the first 99999999 frames of your spread.
    Method H looks really simple. You can use that PokeRNG tool that's for 3rd gen to search Method 2 spreads IIRC then you search for it as Method H-2 in RNG reporter (sync optional) and you would use sweet scenting to hit the frame. I have yet to try it out myself but I'm going to try a retail capture first.
    Sure, I'm working though but I'm available from 1-4pm or after 10/11pm EST. Hopefully we can work something out.
    Sorry I haven't been on as much, just been busy with work.Do you still want the Licki? Let me know, I'd rather get the Heavy Ball Magnemite if that's alright.
    Those things don't exist as far as I am concerned.
    There can be legit ones out there with the right kind of spread etc. but old events like that is not really reliable.

    Legit spreads go with the Common GBA Event (Restricted) set.
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