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  • one quick fix :)

    Other options

    Utilizing a Choice Scarf lets Heracross outpace faster threats, but being locked into a move and losing Guts far outweighs positives advantages that the extra Speed gained grants
    not really, it also gets Nasty Plot and Calm Mind, something Gengar doesn't, but this is doubles, so yea.......

    Other than that, Gengar has

    1- Stronger Shadow Ball
    2- Faster(can speed tie w/ Latios)
    3- Focus Blast(better than HP Fighting)
    4- Thunderbolt/Sludge Bomb, two cool moves to use

    Well, I guess Power Gem is nice to screw w/ Volcarona, but yea, Gengar is better in almost every situation
    go ahead bro, it really is the poor man's Gengar, only thing it has over it is better SpD, so I guess mention that
    not to be annoying but it still doesn't look like my final check. I'll put a copypastable in the thread along with my stamp to make sure it looks just right :)
    Unreleased cont

    While a Moxie set has lots of potential, overall the main set would be is more effective due to not being as weak to Speed changing lowering effectsmoves such as Icy Wind, Tailwind, and Trick Room, as well as having boasting more overall power overall to boast.</p>
    <p>Heracross receives Moxie from Dream World. When utilizing a Choice Scarf, Heracross finds outspeeds key threats, such as Latios, Terrakion, Thundurus and others, while retaining and retains most of its hard-hitting power.
    and these...

    Additional comments
    Thundurus destroys Flying-types, Togekiss draws in potentially threatening attacks with Follow Me, Rotom-W threatens Fire-types ,and Cresselia makes for an excellent allround all-round support Pokemon
    Implement these and then I'll stamp the analysis :)

    <p>While Heracross is often overlooked,;(remove comma, add semi-colon) it has several advantages over other common Pokemon that enable it to function well in the VGC 2012 metagame. With its excellent excellent Bug / Fighting

    Set comments
    Façade hits almost everything for neutral damage and,after a Guts boost, Facade's it's Base Power doubles to a cool 140which hits almost everything for neutral damage.
    Bro, Oreo's are my favorite lol. Its gonna be an awesome trip. We gotta sweep the comp this year!
    Hey, I would attend, but I'm currently on vacation so my parents aren't too keen on dropping everything and going to a tournament. Summers are much better for us. I know you'll kick some butt though! Good luck, man! :D
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