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  • sorry man, i've been real busy lately, and the whole timezone thing. you can just take the win, gl in round dos
    Mew, not that we're in much of a rush, but Rose is one of the most important UU poke. I wish you luck with your school and work, but please keep that in mind.
    I rewrote AC of set 3, and heavily modified AC of set 2 as well as the latter part of OO. In addition to that, I made a lot of other changes throughout the analysis as I mentioned to ease the flow of prose.

    Due to the unfortunate fact that I am only human, I am bound to have missed a mistake or two among that mass of changes; my own rewritten parts might just need some further tinkering too. That is why I asked for a 3rd GP Check.

    Before I forget, I guess it would be better on the whole to avoid implementing sirndpt's check. Though some of his changes are valid, the rest are mostly unnecessary changes. Too bad he didn't check the thread before posting.

    I hope this answers your question.
    Not much I can do. I'm not a mod, and I have no control over the servers. The decision is in the hands of Jabba the Griffin and Blue Kirby.
    Hey man, I'd like to at least get the skeleton up, as I have a lot of it done. Further along in the process you can take over, as I've been getting pretty busy IRL anyway. But I'd like to put up what I have.
    I actually only requested it because I already had a skeleton for OU, but it was QC approved then rejected, so it isn't that much work for me, I'm just going to at least get my other two UU analyses to the GP stage before I post it. But thanks anyways!
    Also it reminds me
    THe giveaway is over but you can have the Timid one if you CMT and Them I CYT
    Oef, zo pijnlijk. Het beste wat ik ooit gebreed heb is een 31/x/31/31/x/31 Modest Flash Fire Chandelure waar ik nog steeds supertrots op ben. Ik kan je vertellen, RNGen is echt zoveel malen beter. De tijd die je erin stopt om het te leren haal je er echt dubbel en dwars uit ^^
    Is goed, in ieder geval nog succes met je thread ^^ Ik ben eigenlijk niet zo heel erg van de forums hoor, ik zit alleen op Smogon zodat ik wat kan bijdragen aan de community aangezien ik al hun informatie gebruik. Kan je trouwens RNG'en/ heb je wat geRNGde pokémon? Je thread is voor nu wel een beetje leeg :P
    Ik moet me nog echt verdiepen in de mechanics van B/W battling en welke combinaties werken. Al is de B/W metagame nog niet stabiel.

    Ik heb al aardig wat leuke Pokemon verzameld ondertussen.
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