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  • I think helping me search may help me more in the long run. How high a frame should I go when trying to find a desirable seed?
    I'm all set to dominate with my BREEDED Pokemon. Unfortunately, I do not know any basics on catching wild Pokemon nor do I know anything about catching legendaries. I'm going to try and catch Suicune in my HG, but I don't know how to start. Are you able to clone? I would like you to have a copy of my Shiny Naive 31/30/31/30/31/30 Magnemite with Magnet Pull. It is Semi Redis for you. I changed it from full because I was a little confused then about what it meant. So I'm only allowing you to trade it. Please use my HG FC.
    I am excited to tell you that I just accomplished my first HGSS RNG abuse with a Shiny Naive HP Fire 70 Magnemite with Magnet Pull. If you can clone, then you can have a Full Redis copy of it.
    So I got my shiny Pokemon with nature and ability. What are the steps in advancing the frame? I've read how Elm calls will skip the first three calls and go directly to the 4th frame call. Does RNG Reporter start at 1? How do I know which calls to ignore?
    Thats the problem. I don't have it in my options. The only method that I see that has anything to do with HGSS is the option Breeding (HGSS). There are only two PID options and they both pertain to DPPt.
    What version of RNG Reporter is that on? I have 8.10 and it doesn't have that option. I also clicked on the 8.20 download link, but it keeps taking giving me the 8.10 version.
    I've seen people say that RNG Reporter will list the natures that will come before the correct egg. How do I see that? I tried right-clicking but that gave me no information.
    Oh, no I haven't. I've been team testing and team testing for VGCs and have come to the realization that I don't really need SD Mewtwo for VGC2010. It really sux cuz I've come SO FRIGGIN CLOSE (only missed by 1 seed and 1 frame idunno HOW MANY TIMES).
    Well I decided to do the old fashioned way and catch Lv. 50+ Pokemon located inside Mt. Silver. I found my seconds to be 13 and delay to be 491. How do I got about breeding non-shiny Pokemon? Do I have to keep saving everytime the Daycare man has an egg and hope the egg has the correct nature and ability when hatched?
    I just noticed that yesterday when I caught a Lv. 42 Donphan that didn't give me any results lol. I'm not very good at navigating through RNG Reporter, so where would I find out my seed through Elm's calls?
    How would you go about calibrating? I tried to use the Pokemon at the entrance to Mt. Silver, but they are still too low leveled.
    It would be different for breeding eggs though right? Since the highest frame is 99 and all.
    Okay, so I've taken the first steps in RNGing HGSS by doing the calibration phase again. I see on the RNG thread that by going to a certain channel will advance your frame by 14-18. Isn't that a bad thing since you won't know how far it will advance? Anyways, my AIM is aznflipdragon16. I'll talk to you soon.
    Lol. :)
    Well my internet has been sucky for some days now. But right now I'm at luck, thats why the quick replies. But I do reply asap to every one of my PMs and everything if the net is working fine. :)
    You can't advance the frame of the starter :/ You have to find a spread on the EXACT frame each one occurs on; chikorita is frame one, cyndaquil 5, toto 9. But hey, I got a 30 / 30 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 31 Mild hp grass 70 cyndaquil to start off with, so I'm not complaining about advancing the frame ;)
    lol The same kind of thing is happening on my end :/ I've successfully RNG'd up 2 different files, and I'm planning on just RNGing EVERYTHING in my new SS cart. I RNG'd my starter, now I'm working on the togepi egg (I'm shooting for 74b0448d1) after that i dunno. Probably gonna RNG myself up a copy of every mon I get lol, just to familarize myself with HGSS RNG. I'm doing this w/o the elm call OR the roamer methods btw, so it's an epic challenge :)
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