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  • It's all right! My computer is getting repaired, so I can't work on Wormadam-G, since the write-up is on there. I just have to stick with Piloswine for now. I'm using my brother's computer for right now. I was able to do Carnivine because I had its skeleton on my e-mail.
    I was checking Torterra, but Flora posted a placeholder when I was halfway and I just deleted everything I had thus far. If/when I check Torterra I'll have to start again, but I don't have much free time at the moment, so putting down a placeholder probably isn't the best idea.

    EDIT: Though, since DJX09 has already posted a placeholder, I guess I won't be doing a check on it unless he doesn't manage to get it done.
    It's been slow. I've been working extremely hard with college apps and such, not to mention that my job has been getting in the way as well.

    I should have it up by next week, maybe.
    Uh it's your Sue :D

    And it's doing fine. I haven't touched it in a while but I'll finish it ASAP. Gotta fix those grammar errors.
    If you like, I was going to do that now but if you want to do it, by all means go ahead lol.
    I'm not doing any work for C&C for the indefinite future due to school, sorry. I'll see if I can get another mod though.
    I've actually been quite busy lately, so I haven't been able to be as efficient as usual. If I get through Piloswine and Wormadam-G quickly, I'm going to write up the updates for some Pokemon, and Venusaur might be one of them, since it needs an author.
    Can you directly add in Thund's Specially Defensive set into your Torterra analysis? One reason is because the set is using "he" instead of your "it", so it'd be good to stay consistent. I guess it doesn't hurt to over-grammar check it too.
    yeah ill PM them to you when i get them done. shouldnt take too long for me to get them done.
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