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  • Attack because it's a JOLLY Froslass, so it uses Ice Shard/Destiny Bond/Spikes/Taunt and Blissey has something like 104HP/252 Defense/108 Special Attack that matches the analysis... I can always de-ev them... what would you like?
    wait, I can only offer them to you ev-trained, is that okay? Snorunt has 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP and Chansey has the diverse analysis spread!
    I believe Suicune is, but check the second post of the help thread to be sure.

    I'll eventually get a bibarel. Actually I think I have one somewhere. Go catch your suicune. Like I said, this egg move father isn't a rush. :-)
    I'm not sure on the percentages or on the encounter slots. You kinda just have to try and see what happens. But it's not really worth the effort unless you feel like catching a slakoth. You don't have to make an egg father for me if it's a lot of effort. It's ok.
    It kept pointing its butt at me! LOL. Plus I'm a mom and I always think "Don't make my couches dirty!"

    For headbutt pokes, just stop three frames in front of your target and butt the tree.

    Ok, well let me know when you have it. Take your time. It's not rush. (I had a pug once. I think it's butt hole looked at me more than it's face. You know that tail doesn't hide anything. )
    Sure, that would be great. Let me know what you want from my trade thread for it.
    That's what the government does though. It taxes you for buying things, inside or outside of your country. All governments should be called The Department of Gimme Gimme Gimme.

    I bought Pokemon Black. The one with the fox chicken in the front. It's not as ugly as the other thing on Pokemon White, which I haven't named appropriately yet. It's definitely not a fox chicken.
    No, I'm just catching on one of my adamant spread games.

    Not sure when my Black game will arrive. The seller has to confirm he's shipped it and then I have to wait for the post to get it across the ocean from Japan to here. I'm hoping I won't get duties on it.
    Yeah, I do best with a combo of words and images. One of these days, I'll kick my mental butt and add images to my guides, I guess. When I'm not being utterly obsessed catching pokes.
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