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  • On another note, I've helped another person to RNG, and now I'm helping yet another. But I only offer when I have time. Everyone seems so different how they learn this stuff.
    Yeah, I read all that. That was very sad, and I didn't consider it an invitation to reinforce the condition he thinks he is in.
    I understand, but yeah, mommy perspective coming in: people at a younger age can't deal with certain logical processes until they grow into the ability. Things that seem obvious and easy to you, may be incredibly mysterious and difficult and possibly even unobservable to someone else. This can vary even in the same age group. If you look back, the you of two years ago doesn't even think like the you of right now. So that's why I try not to be judgmental. Where I am imperfect, someone else is better. Where I'm better, someone else needs help or time to get better. That's just how things are.
    LOL @ sorry mommy. But anyhow, I don't see the point in rudeness. I don't visit the simple questions thread so I can read anything like that. I visit it to see if I can be useful or to ask a question. If I wanted to get a dose of irritation, I'd join a forum called Flame Your Ass Here, or something similar. But I do understand how you feel. It would be good for the blacklisters with a shot at a second chance to quit dithering and just decide to be competent.
    Love Ball =)

    But if you prefer to capture it in a Heal Ball, or already did so, it is fine.
    when i was a newb here (the last year) nobody give me a hand except for freebies gives aways,so i'm giving a hand
    Buckert. You should check with him. He has a male skarmory with the moves you want. You can always breed your own from it. Or just use the one you trade for.
    I just traded for one from someone, but I'll probably use it to breed my own one
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