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  • Ok, that'll be sweet. Well Im applying for financial aid for college right now, so I'll be on for a while. If youre ready at any time today PM me and I'll get on Wifi. It may take me a few mins to get to the message. Thanks a lot in advance!
    Uhm, I'm not exactly sure how to answer your Q, but I'll just use this as an example... I was RNG IVing a flawless Elekid, and I got bored so I just turned off my DS and came back to it a couple days later- still had the desired nature and stuff but I was just bored of retrying to hit the correct frame to get my desired IVs.
    The reason I say to start with breeding shinies is because it's relatively simple and will help you get accustomed to RNGreporter in the first place. You'll learn some of the basic tools needed. Plus, if you use your flawless Ditto, you could end up with some good IVd shinies by accident to add to your next trade thread.

    And, dude, the calibration thing is critical to RNGing any IVs of wild/bred/encountered pokemon, so it needs to be done very well. Just watch the video and pause it and do everything along with it.
    You just need to find your secret ID using one of those three methods I already listed. If you go to the simple requests thread, someone can probably fnid your secret ID for you- all you have to do is trade them one of your own pokemon.
    You just need to have your secret ID to hatch shinies. You can get it by having caught a random wild shiny, havig chained 6-8 shinies, or using an AR.
    Hey, if you're having issues with RNGreporter, check out bearsfan092's videos in the PRNG help and info thread- its like the 5th post down. They are amazing and really help you get started with RNGing. I'd start with shiny eggs cuz they're relatively easy to do.
    Gah! so sorry, I didn't realize I put it on my own VM like a fail. msg me when you get back and we can trade then.
    oh crap, sorry man thought I told you to get on last time you asked. Yea you can still get it, just as soon as I see you online again.
    well, i meant 40 minutes, im not that new, and you can ask people, ive ev trained for them, i cant learn to RNG because i cant download the RNG reporter, and what makes you think im not mature? askkng 3 times something? well its because of my lack of patience, and waiting people to be polite and answer.
    The reason I'm reluctant to give you any pokes to train is because

    1. You're kinda new
    2. You seem to be quite young and not very mature
    3. 4 minutes for that spread? I very very much doubt that. I'm extremely fast ev'er myself taking 20-25 minutes for any type of spread. So unless you use pokesave or use Pokemon Modifier (With AR) there's no way it takes you 4 minutes.

    If you have nothing to do, learn to RNG Abuse ;).
    feraligatr learns Aqua Jet in HGSS, but yes I can do a corphis BP for you. It may be a while since I have a BP to do for FtP first and I have some unfinished business with For54years to complete.
    He learns it by egg move unfortunately. But I can do a BP for you if you'd like for a SD Feraligatr :D
    Well, I decided on a Crobat lead for a regular singles team- I had been working on a rain dance with a Kabuto lead but idk. Uhm, I'll have to get back to you with this discussion, lol. Maybe we can use the clan's chat room later- I have to finish up an EVing project due in an hour so after that, I'll be back =)
    Oh, I know. It's amazing =)

    Hey, I'm still working out the plans/EVs and such for my singles team if you'd wanna help me out sometime... I've really only decided on one poke so far, so any help would be appreciated.
    I know! I totally just saw the damage calculator when I got on like ten minutes ago! That's gonna make me sooooo happy- I've been trying to figure stuff like that out for a VGC style team. That makes life ten times easier.
    Well, as soon as you get RNGreporter, THAT will help so much lol. It is amazing =) But I'll just let you experience that for yourself.
    Uhm, isn't being trade partners and sharing a thread the same thing, lol? I probably won't be ready til the second week of january or summat like that. I have to keep working my collection... so far, I only have redis Pokemon and an Elekid I successfully bred.
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