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  • Hey pastel, if your on, lets have the final tournament battle for the finals =]. hey by the way, if i beat you i rank up? or i rank up either way?
    if you don't want other people trading your pokemon to other people, then yes, it is necessary.

    As I said there is no specific format. Just look at trade threads and determine your own format
    it doesn't have to be from your own OT. But note that you are responsible for what you trade, regardless of what OT it is
    "hey, im kindoff new to the forums, and since youre a mod in the wifi area:
    what are those things people post??the ones that have lots of pokes, are they like stores?? you go and trade him pokes??is there a specific format for it??am i able to post 1, or do i need to have special permissions like in everything else on the forums??"

    1) They post their Pokemon/IVs/Moves and any other thing they feel like.
    2) Yeah, you can say that. The term is "trade thread" - it is essentially a store
    3) Yes
    4) There is generally not a specific format to it, but you must mention the pokemon's IVs and natures. Also specify whether said Pokemon is shiny or not, and/or whether it has Special moves or not
    5) You need to have a couple of Pokemon to make a trade thread.
    You won't hear back for a little bit, everyone has to wait. But don't get your hopes up, using shoddy and actually liking Smogon is kind of a requirement to be a tutor here.
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