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  • Yo Pastel. I'm Bulldogs on serebii. Haven't seen you around there much anymore, I"m guessing you've made the switch to here?
    the "formula" is in the code that I linked. That's about all that I can do for you.
    If that is finished you can start coloring. Just choose the oclors of the latest sprites
    fill the whole pkmn with the lightest color you got of that color (normally there are 3 colors for the outer line (the darkest is mostly just black) and 3 colors for the inner sprites (they are lighter then the outer lines))
    For the coloring just try to think that the sun is left above them , and then you just have to try out what looks best.

    Hope it helped :) have fun
    first find out what you want to make (something easy)
    (I took electrode+jumpluff as my first scratches, Bcause they all circles)
    Then open paint+search the sprites (on bulbapedia)
    copy past it+keep it close so you can see if yr pkmn still looks alot like it should be
    (it's best u know a how yr pose of yr pkmn is going to look like)
    then start with the outerlines (it's easy if it's a circle)
    zoom alot out to see it it seems good or not and don't change suddenly from direction (for ex:u put 3 next to each other, the line above 2 next to each other, then the line above 1 dot) I hope you get what I mean...
    then if you got the outer lines, do the outerl ines ofthe other details like the arms,legs,...
    Do I look liek an expert XD
    I can try but I actually didn't learn it the 'official' way, so maybe i'm doing it completely wrong.
    but what do you want to learn. There are many choses: revamps (making old sprites look new), recoloring, retypes, scratches (sstart from scratch :p), reposes. Or just some advise in general?
    Glad we could finally connect! Have fun with it bud. Slap it in your thread (it's 106% fully redistributable by everyone). Use it for battling, whatever.


    Oh, and goodluck with your thread. ;D
    Well, I restarted my game and double checked the code you gave me, but i still don't see you. Do you see me?
    The I held the FC I typed in up to the computer just to double check and it is the same. Could you back out and make 100% sure that FC is correct? I think there may be a number or 2 swapped...
    I could have typed in your FC wrong. Lemme back out and redo. Go ahead and seek a trade. I'll be right back...
    I'm on wifi, but i don't see you yet. I'll wait a few more, but we may have our FCs mixed up or something...
    Oh, hey, I only have the L55 Trained Dragonite version on my Pearl Trading cart. Would that still work for you? It is...
    Extreme Speed / Rock Slide / Dragon Claw / Outrage
    L55: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 Def
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