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  • [22:49]<Colin[/URL]>i told pastel how to solve his problem in my first PM response to him
    And from your post on jimbo's profile, try getting firefox to follow instructions?
    Last resort options: Play it on a different computer or wait for SB2. I don't know what I can do to help, I don't know what your problem is.
    I'm not an expert on shoddy, or programming, sadly and don't know what your problem is. Try redownloading java? Go over the troubleshooting thread carefully again?
    lol ok ok, the timer for the breeding project starts when I get a manectric or electrike to my platinum, I'll let you know when that is
    Hi. I am a busy person and I have 0 experience in programming. I told you that before too! You can try to get help in the help thread from someone else, other than that I don't know what ot say. Sorry.
    Not me, a friend. I currently using his computer and he was just wondering. I'll let him know
    Lol, they aren't all mine. Four are from trades. The others aren't completely perfect, but they have pretty good IVs. Good enough for tomorrow.
    Uhm, its just a small tournament between friends at a youth retreat. We're having a singles 6 on 6 tournament and a VGC-style tournament too. I finally have all 10 of my pokemon... its just hard to get them all EVd and pack in one night, lol.
    Dude, no prob. The tournament is tomorrow- nothing too big. I'm just so not ready, lol. I'll give a shout out in the simple requests thread but I figured I'd give you the option first.
    Hey, do you feel like doing some EVing? I can trade you a couple of redis pokemon if you feel like helping me out... I have a tournament tomorrow that I'm so not ready for...
    Unfortunately, as a mod of Wi-Fi, I'm rooted in the in-game side of things, so I don't know enough about Shoddy Battle to be able to help you. I wish you luck with your issue, though.
    thanx :p
    I don't know what a trade threat is but you can use my sprites.
    have fun with them :p
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