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  • I have a question: what is to be done of the TPR battle facility and TPR peace facility? And also the SGC?

    I am going around talking to some users (you, Ax, and Comp) and asking about dead or almost dead groups. If there is no point, then I will probally leave them so as to clear my Social Group list for better access.

    Thanks for your understanding.
    I see that CAP has dragged you back!!

    Want to accept my current challenge? If you don't, someone else will.....
    Agreed :D

    Also, can this battle of ours be a training battle, so I don't have to ruin my perfect record?
    Hey, my schedule is pretty open, how does early afternoon EST sound? Let me know what works for you.
    May I direct your attention to TMG. It's not good. I posting my opinion in Magma, if you'd like to see it there. Just so you know, it seems that BS hates you and TPR now, too, besides Aero. Just know that I'll back you up on this one (I hope).
    Pippy, as both you and BS were on different sides of the spectrum in kicking BS out of groups and despite the fact the UA is my group and i want to keep BS I wanted to be indifferent so i didn't disobey the court.

    So I consulted the remaining admin, Artemus, for him to make the decision. The thing is, as he said BS has done nothing to my group and thus shouldn't be punished in my group. Also, as he is one of our most active members removing him would have a giant negative effect on the group.

    You should realize this as you are an admin yourself.

    I WANT to abide by the court BUT neither can do something that'll negatively effect the group. I'd gladly take away merits from him or some other punishment, but I really don't see how I can keep the group active without BS, especially since I'm in the middle of reviving it.
    Pippy, why did you post in my group for removing BS but not in any other group?

    Also, is Artemus active in groups because he'll potentially be the tiebreaker.
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