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  • This is a tyranny of a court. No appeals?! What madness!!!! I want to know where I have war with the court!
    GFM and Silent are lucky he just called them idiot as GFM called BS an f***ing retard. he also b**** slapped him. His reaction was pretty faint. Also, I would like to request a position as a judge in the Court as through out this conversation, I have proved myself a good aspect to political debates.
    Never ! I think therefore I am! This isn't even flaming! GFM post the dumbest things. He posted me saying I didn't kick him out I TRC was a nice thing! This here is foolishness in a court
    My opinion could very well be that GFM and silents are idiots! You can't charge me. I will get madz! We must have a clearance of all charges against me.
    please, sir at least try my idea as GFM and Silent will just keep bringing back the same thing. there is no flaming in there as that is basically trolling. So if GFM comes, asks battlestar a question, and battlestar gives his honest opinion, then how can you try him for his opinion. You said that more order was needed in the court. If this is true, where is the order in running an unfair trial?
    Pippy, before (if you havn't already) you close bs's case and you cannot let him in, please let me speak for him on his behalf. He needs to have his own say in this. You cannot just start a court session and continue it and absolutely not listen to the person being tried. That is unjust and that proves that there is no order in this court.
    I request to know now, just why I cannot post and how this goes against the procedures of the court. Where is the freedom of speech. In fact, as pointed out that I was just an onlooker, based on the laws of the real court system, plus my freedom of speech right, I should be permitted speak freely on Battlestars case, as Silent has more than one attorney. please tell me, where is the order in this court system? I do not by any means necessary mean to offend you, but answer me these questions now.
    You see I don't care anything you can do. I will still stay in the groups I care about. Or the people I like will still stay with me. I just was waiting his hold time. Seriously the court is bias and I knew I would be found guilty. Lol
    Justice is corrupt. Besides me and comp have a lot of things we must share.
    Also I am having to give comments to the local news. After the court is over I also am to appear on some talk shows. You see I am to busy to deal with the court and above the law
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