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  • I made an account on PW when I met you last year and I forgot my account.
    sure, sign me up.
    Just wishing you good luck at the VGC tomorrow. I can't make it (I'm very sad) but I hope you go far and have fun.
    Oh goodness. I'm sorry I missed you earlier- I actually didn't have my laptop with me! A virus attacked my computer and it was being fixed when you were sending me messages =P have a safe trip!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOD LUCK gogogogo win! =D
    [1:24:01 PM] Andrea: brave anyway?
    [1:24:02 PM] Huy: parasect is easy
    [1:24:20 PM] Andrea: idk can you really even make it bulky
    [1:24:22 PM] Huy: it's not outspeeding anything
    [1:24:27 PM] Huy: 252hp/252atk
    [1:24:36 PM] Andrea: so might as well min speed it
    [1:24:39 PM] Huy: survives a palkia blizzard
    [1:24:45 PM] Huy: well it has to be in tr anyway
    [1:24:51 PM] Huy: or else it's megacscrewed
    [1:25:00 PM] Andrea: choice scarf XD
    [1:25:20 PM] Andrea: well imma breed a brave one anyway =)
    [1:25:26 PM] Huy: still outsped by base 90s is how awesome parasect is
    Wait what? =P Tell me what kind of Parasect you want and I'll do it when I get home. ^_^ (Idk if you had any specifications on IVs gender etc etc) Parasect is priority!
    Oh, were you actually testing one out? Lmk nature/gender and I will breed that! =D I don't think there are many Parasect's running around on the forum. It would be nice to add that to my list!

    To Do: Glaceon, Parasect, Kangaskhan.
    Of course he knows that! That's why he failed at counting with his mons in Seattle ^_^
    I can't get on =X School internet blocks my chat apps lol. I'll get on when I get home... actually... I could go home whenever I want cause afternoon class was cancelled woo!
    You think my accent is cute on voice chat? Did you listen to my karoake submission for The Smogon Factor? =P
    I did the same thing to all the pictures =P you must just be super pale loooool
    Yeah my problem is uhh... I forgot my username. :3

    Could you look up (don't fucking laugh) and see what my user is plz? It doesn't appear to be Zog for some reason.
    Definitely! Hahah i had a two-page paper due today at two... i didn't even start it til eleven this morning. I played mons last night and had no drive to start it. Oh gosh I'm just soooooo lazy sometimes haha
    Yeah I start finals on Friday =X I'm just sooooo sick of school ahhhh

    Mons > school. =P
    I was actually thinking "Oh goodness... I don't have to be in class for another twenty minutes... So bored... Oh hey. I look super cute today so I'll take a picture. ^_^" XD

    Uhhhh we def need to battlorz or something. I don't think we have yet ^_^- I reaaaaaally need a break from school crap =P
    Hmm.... I'll be home in three hours from now if you're still on- lame six hour difference in time zones =X
    I dunno, I was thinking about it, but I don't think I can be bothered tbh It would mean I'd have to clock up some hours on HG, and I can't be bothered.
    Ok we can battle now if you want. I've being practising on PBR a bit. I might stay for a bit but my dad wont want to hang around. I'm going my with my bro who's 15, but he isn't entering, even though he should.
    I'm chinese, I don't buy anybody anything XD
    Well. Since I will be more than likely broke on the day, I will have those Discount coupons you get from newspapers which I will be willing to share.
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