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  • Yo man, is registration for the Gamerbase Tournament completely closed or can I still register?
    I RNG'ed that for him obviously
    Thanks for noticing it though, I love how well the team is doing though.
    Seems like Milan's pokemon got angry because no one would dare hug it and got a crit.
    Can you quickly edit the thing about Milan's pokemon out of your post now, I just realized people will look through the forums as they post. Don't want anything unreasonable to possibly happen. That was the best hax I have ever seen though.
    I basically agree with everything you've said, at least with what's still up anyway.

    Man I don't even care about cheating at this point, but goddamn if people don't do it properly or can't freaking count they have no one but themselves to blame. ._.
    I am a proud Briton and am proud to have Kinneas representing us in this prestigious event. I would never dream of condemning him for this mistake, regardless of the magnitude; rather, in true English spirit, I think all of us should be as supportive as possible. For isn't this the true nature of both Pokemon and our mighty nation?
    going to PM you :) about design

    regarding the dancing, I dont mind doing it to help out. But 24/7 is pushing it lol
    check my facebook vids ;)
    Thanks, man! Yeah I'm glad that after all that work I got to do so well after what happened at my first two stops. I really appreciate your support dude! I'll be bringing the heat in Hawaii.
    Ahhh ok I thought you meant Havaks Manchester tournament thing, sorry! I can have a try at fixing my wifi, which I have all weekend to do so I might be able to, but otherwise my wifi is awful, so I won't be able to join, sorry :(.
    Im not too sure :/ Manchester is a bit far(i think :P)

    But Ill ask my parents and look into it. The main problem is my mum hates Pokemon(Im a bit obsessive with RNGing) and my dads starting to see the point of it so Ill give it a go
    Yeah it was great meeting you too Rob, was great day and I think everyone really enjoyed it!

    If you could provide a link to the tournament that would be great :) I have an interview on the 5th so I can't book a hotel or anything, so my entry will most likely depend how accesible the event is from the nearest train station. Rest assured i'll try my best to get there, thanks for taking time to bring this to my attention!
    Hey mate, thanks, and yeah that sounds awesome gona need all the practice I can get ;) if you could link me in that would be amazing!! oh btw are you going to Havaks thing in Manchester on the 3rd?
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