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  1. ORAS UU rip Zam ;__; (peaked ~20)

    ok this is the first UU team I made since a long hiatus from competitive pokemon. it's undergone a lot of changes along the way, most recently replacing a florges with sylveon once it became available. the initial idea of the team was that I wanted to play stall with encore alakazam for...
  2. Silly Things You've Seen On The Ladder (UU Version)

    How did you know the Victini was CB? did you knock it off? Hydro Pump Cloy is usable, maybe he didn't wanna miss so he went for surf? and reg blastoise isn't so bad, depending on the set. also furfrou itself could probably go in this thread lol
  3. The UU Dark Horse Project

    just hit 1600 (screencap in my other post). my three dark horses were sceptile, tornadus, and kingdra. the rest of my team was entei, mew, and honchkrow. it is intentionally physically heavy (only mew and sceptile carry special attacks). i really really really like this team. it is pretty...
  4. The Next Best Thing... [V2]: Set Discussion

  5. The UU Dark Horse Project

    fresh alt: dogod and lonnie sceptile: 0.54977% tornadus: 2.78009% entei: 6.01593% kingdra: 3.71275% Honchkrow: 9.82884% mew: 9.91479% 32.80217% _________________________________________________________________________________________ wasn't on for a week or so, but i came back and squeezed...
  6. UU Victim of the Week! (Week Twenty-Seven: Contrary Serperior)

    fuk (Forretress) @ Leftovers Ability: Sturdy EVs: 252 HP / 4 SDef / 252 Def Relaxed Nature IVs: 0 Spd - Rapid Spin - Stealth Rock / Spikes - Gyro Ball - Earthquake So my kinda shaky emergency check to Luke is Forretress. EQ is pretty useful for Luke especially, but also to hit some other...
  7. Groudon

    my hope in terms of storyline of the games is that this "buffed ability" is the return of perma weather. Stylistically, giving Politoed and Ninetales only 5 turns of Sun/Rain made sense, but Groudon and Kyogre should retain their super-weather abilities. The effect this would have on the...
  8. Other OU CCAT - Round 4 - Voting

    coming out of the woodwork to vote for Mega Absol
  9. Other PranksterSwag Teams

    No, who the fuck wants to use Avalugg in OU? INB4 niche, there was a 20-something page thread on it and it was deemed unviable. There are plenty of Pokemon who fare alright against these teams, like the ones mentioned above, but SwagPlay is so luck based that true hard counters are few and far...
  10. Move Sticky Web

    This obviously depends on the team you are up against, and the team you are using. There is no single answer. I'd elaborate if I had more time ATM, but that question is really general.
  11. Victim of the Week v2, Kyurem

    Mold Breaker makes Haxo ignore Levitate, so it can be hit by EQ. Still though, Cress bulks it well.
  12. Other Looking Ahead to Gen VI Mark II (SEE POSTS #818 & #858)

    In terms of weather leads, Zard can set up Sun on Turn 1 even when leading against Hippowdon, which Tales can't do.
  13. ok

  14. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

  15. Budgetmons! (Now playable on Joim's Lab!)

    A couple mons that could see some use that I don't believe are mentioned yet are Swellow, Volbeat, and Wartortle. Swellow relies on Guts for most of its power, and as such has a low BST for how hard it hits. Coming in at 430, it (probably) more than pulls its weight for the cost. Volbeat is...