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  • That's what I meant, if you can trade the Litwick not the Raikou. I'll trade with you later if your available
    No problem. I don't even trad emuch these days that's why i was giving it free
    See you already decided to go with Hozu's one. No problem just don't ask twice the same thing:P You could at least asked a different nature :P
    Just an FYI it's very difficult to get trades with the Italian users here. They tend to have everything already because of emulators. :P
    yeah, i use it too, and usually pokecheck doesn't commit error >.<''
    again, sorry for the inconvenient, (fortunally it was free xD)
    its strange, it must be from a korean event =.= (winters zombie was one of the most reliable users °__°) almost an half of smogon have it ò.ò
    well, i've to check it again and probably remove from my thread if it's true.
    thanks for the advert. however its not my own rng, all my others are legit.
    sorry =.=
    hey sorry icouldnt get back to you, i was busy all day. Im free today though so e can work out a specific time to do this
    Hey thats incredibely generous thank you!! Im at work unfortunately now until 10 uk time which is in like 6 hours, would that be ok for you, thank you again!!
    Ok. FC is 5415 6571 6667. I'll be on once I get your FC. Let know what moves I can overwrite.
    Something like that. How many mons and what tutors? They're all in different locations. Give me a sec to get FC.
    Are you busy right now? I should be able to do it if you can get back fairly quickly. I think in about 20 min I'll have to go for a short period of time.
    If you can catch me at another time I would help. It's currently 1am for me and I'm heading to bed.
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