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  • sorry, I can't hard delete. If it helps, only you and mods can see them
    hey I saw you talking to the agonist about rng for extralink, wanted to know if you could do I job for me. I return I can ev train for you.
    Hmm, I see. Well, if you want, there is a guide for B2/W2 Entralink RNG, but it's using PPRNG. Maybe you can figure out how to make it work with Reporter? The guide for B2/W2 is in the second post.
    Wow, you even got the correct nature! That's great, I'm glad. When I tried using my guide I wasn't hitting the right frames for the nature so I thought something was wrong, but maybe that was just me haha. Glad it was helpful for you!

    If I get a new DS anytime soon I will definitely write an Entralink guide for B2W2. For now, try asking in the 5th gen. RNG help thread.
    Sorry for the late reply! About the Entralink guide... were you successful after using it? :) If you had any problems let me know.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'll be able to create a Black 2/White 2 Entralink guide because I no longer have a working DS Lite, and I'd really rather not try using my 3DS. Sorry! If you need help, try asking in the 5th Gen. Help thread.
    Hmm, I haven't actually attempted Entralink abuse yet. I'll give it a go when (more likely if) I get some free time. By the way, would this be for BW1 or BW2?
    Which one(s) were you interested in? I have more XD mons than are in my thread atm, since I've completed another run (and have started a third). I'd be much happier if you let me know through VM, because I'm debating starting a new thread (and bumping the old one would be pointless in that case).
    Yeah I sorta do still trade, but I haven't gotten around to updating my thread lol.

    Been so busy irl I just haven't had time for a while x_X
    Hack them into a save file or import via AR codes. Never will be a way to do it online.
    That works fine. The guide was slanted towards full retail cart usage.
    Alright, I'm all set (took a little bit longer than expected, ugh). I'll need your FC (use the bw code on my profile for me), then I'd be happy to head online so we can get this done :)

    edit: nvm, found it on your profile. Will head online after I add you!
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