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  • Oh, you're back!

    ...though I'm not sure how you feel for Generation 5, since the General Forum has slowed down quite a bit since Black/White and all....
    no, it's really not; the extra bulk helps a rather large amount, especially seeing as Togekiss is so bulky to begin with. every other QC member had no problem with the two individual sets, so I don't think that removing a set / merging both sets would be a good course of action at this point, especially when you consider it'll probably get uploaded any day now.
    honestly I think that both sets have their merit and I'm not really willing - nor do I think it is neccessary - to make such drastic changes to the analysis considering its already gone through QC and received 2 GP team checks
    Hey RaikouLover, I'm making a Bulky Offense team for OU, and I was wondering if I should use A. The Life Orb Tank moveset you gave me or B. The 252 HP/252 Defense Bold with three attacking moved that got posted in my analysis!
    Uhh Adamant - 252 HP / 16 Atk / 240 SpD. Bulk Up / Dynamicpunch / Payback / Rest @ Chesto. Its pretty boss
    hey whats that machamp set. it actually looked pretty interesting, the chesto rest one
    I want to give you huge props on that starmie w/ psychic argument i was reading today. I seriously doubt half the people who scoffed at the idea of a specs starmie having dual stab even has much experience with choiced pokemon. Using dual STABs and SE moves are EQUALLY effective seeing how both concepts are getting double switches anyway, and in Psychic's case, you're more than likely going to get neutral damage on that double switch-in too. But anyway keep up the good work, you're personally one of my favorite posters lol
    I'd just like to say you're one of my favourite posters, dunno if some random's opinion matters to you or not.
    grats on your (second) ladybug! maybe you'll actually get a glimpse of IS this time...
    no pidgey, if you research an old warstory I was brock when I battled against cynthia back when she used to ladder. She made the warstory, and I battled her with a team of Crobat, Toxicroak, Ludicolo, Steelix, Swampert, and Ninetales.
    "Toxicroak is cool. I used him in OU alot back when I was pretending to be brock."

    ...Wait, so you're saying you're not Brock?
    dang judging from your visitor message wall, you have quite the rep for gimmicks and their evs!

    *high fives*
    Hey RL, what do you think of this EV spread for OU Anti-lead Hariyama: 132 Atk/104 Def/172 SpD/100 Spe (with Adamant nature)? 172 SpD lets it survive a Psychic from Azelf if carrying Toxic Orb (I prefer toxic over burn b/c he'll be switching out often), 132 Atk guarantees 2HKOing 252 HP EV Machamp after Fake Out and then a gutted Close Combat (still 2-3HKO many other leads like what 252 Atk would do), 100 Spe lets it outrun 8 Spe EV Tyranitar so it doesn't get SR up (just in case), and 104 EVs goes into Def as leftover EV.

    It's pretty fun experimenting with numbers and calculations. lol
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