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  • Sounds cool, I've never been in a tournament though. I wish more people around my area played so I could have some fun, but they don't. And the battle subway is just too frustrating for me to handle...
    That's awesome, congrats to you too. What do you think of the current suspects/bans and stuff? I'm sure you know more about the metagame than I do. What rules is this tournament going to play with?
    Things have been busy, as an understatement. I graduated last Friday and last night I got my Eagle (I don't know if you know anything about boy scouts)! So I haven't had much time for pokemon, although I have been checking up on the suspect threads occasionally. How are things with you?
    I got into the top 32 (really top 29 with 3 byes) and lost my first real finalists match. We both were running very similar teams and I lost a few crucial Whimsicott speed ties.
    You might be happy to know that the Thunderous you gifted to me in early may helped me get to the finalists lounge in the southeastern VGC qualifier!
    Hey Reklaw, Can you please, please, please, Check and see if there's anything on my thread that you want to use your credit points to get?

    I just want give you something in return so I get rid of all of the credit points on my thread because I want you and the others to give the pokemon (that you've rng'd for me) to me for nothing or for free. :(
    by two credits you mean when you find some pokemon you like on my trade thread you would be able to get it in exchange of the credits? but if each credit equals one pokemon i kinda feel im in desavantage in the trade. so you offer is really interesting i just think we should work out on that. what do you think?
    I believe it. :D

    Too bad Flareon doesn't get flare blitz. :c
    But I can see both of them doing well on a drought team. xD

    No problem at all. :]
    Well...since tbh, I have no real need of any DW Eevee right now unless they're redis since I already got one myself freshly off DW...>_<"

    I'll CYT some other times for something else worth 3 credis then, if that's alright with you? .-.
    Aww, I swear I didn't see a jolly one in your post. :<

    Also, I secretly enjoy that you quoted John 3 in your signature. >.<

    And thanks. :D
    Leafeon is my favorite too! Flareon is a close second. I think I'm gonna breed one of those too, only I want it to be female. x.x
    And brave. Or maybe quiet. With HP Grass.
    Hey Reklaw, what's up?

    I have some new pokemon on my thread if you want to use any of your credit points to get them. :)
    Well now I'm just going to be Grinding inro Worlds, so there isn't a big rush! :)

    Are you free Thursday at all?
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