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  • Yep, I can take credits for that Bulbasaur and would like to get that Leafeon once you got it as you've told me...though looks like I missed you again. >_>"
    I don't think I can help you out. I have no idea how I negotiated one from him. Good luck - all I can say is be nice and be persistant. (I do know he wants RNGed DW Eevees... so when the US GL goes live...)

    I do, however, think it's hilarious how every single "hard to trade with" (read: "If you can't RNG, step off") RNGer on Smogon is being shot down by this guy! Karma :P

    This is why I like trading with you - you're a cool guy, and you sincerely try to trade with others and help other people out. So, once again, good luck!
    Sounds good. If you'd like, I can VM you a list of female bad-stat DW pokemon I have later.

    I've got a few good IV female DW guys in my thread (gligar, politoed, vuplix, etc.); but I've got a half a box of bad IV DW guys too.
    Reklaw - great job on these:

    I'd love to do some EV training for you to get copies. VM me. Also, maybe CMT, I've got some cool new DW-stuff.

    Hey I have a question, if it's alright? Here are some of them (about RNGing);

    I saw some people talking about holding down it involved with breeding?
    Can I use a flashcart in RNGing in Gen V?

    Sorry 'bout this, but can you help me with these? And fortunately I'm buying my Pokemon White tomorrow, and if I can't use flashcarts, then I can just do the RNGing there.


    Edit: Btw I was wondering about this for a while now and just got curious once again when I saw your guide...and I wanted to make sure. ^^;
    No problem dont worry about it, Other things are more important so I completely understand. I will try to be on IRC later today so if im not on Smogon I may be on there.
    I had it all set then I realized I forgot something pretty important so I'm fixing that and I'll have it back tomorrow morning.
    I'm on now if you want to send me the pokemon to be EV trained. What do you want me to train and what EV spreads do you want?
    Just fyi, still putting the finishing touches on the program. I'll get it to you today if you're on irc.
    I haven't entered the codes yet, but math tells me I've Eved them right. I'm coming online.

    Thanks for the codes... I'll enter them later tonight!
    My bad! (I was triple-battling on one system and trading on the other while watching tv...)
    Are these all flawless (I need to know to double-check EVs...)?
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