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  • i hope you really wanna battle, and not at the last day of dl.
    i´m quite busy with university stuff...
    What about sunday around your noon?
    If i got that right, should be 9pm then for me.
    Hey there were paired for the smogon tournament 9.
    My timezone is gmt+1, willing to tell me yours?
    bs, i lost $12 in the dumbest poker hand ever.

    after being down all night i get on a roll and manage to hit $12 on a $10 buy in after a few hot hands. ok so i get pocket 3's. i limp in at 20 cents. then someone raises it to 65 cents. i figure i'll pay 45 cents to see if my set hits. just my luck it does. the flop is 3 (diamond) 5 (diamond) ace. the person that originally raised it bets 75 cents. i re pop him for $2.25. everyone folds...this guy shoves all in. i instant call him. he flips his cards and he has ace (diamond) and king. i figured he didnt have the flush draw. so i have the set of 3's and he needs runner runner diamonds or runner runner kings to top me. i decide to run it once. the turn card is a jack....of diamonds. then comes the river....a seven...of diamonds -_-

    so the guy got his flush and instead of doubling up to $24 i lost all my money. god, poker is so stupid.
    wassup hoss, the boss will be back in a week to administer some christmas justice
    man, i lost to the most bs pokerhands last night

    lost to 7 8 with pocket queens when the guy got a nut flush draw (i bet big pre flop too and he still called)

    then i lost with 2 pairs ace 2 when the guy got a flush on the river

    I have to go now, just say any date / time and I'll probably be able to be there.
    Since you quit IRC: I've been playing a lot of PBE Proving Grounds ARAMs lately and Lulu is so absurdly good there; anything with poke and/or AoE is lol, but omg I just rejoice when I get Lulu, even though lamers usually dodge so I can't play her :(

    My other main Sona is straight up OP there because poke / AoE ult / infinite sustain with Chalice of Harmony etc. :3 so I like ARAMs a lot...
    11pm my time is fine, but i can push it a bit later if needed. every day should be okay for me, so tell me when you'd like to battle (say, monday at 2pm your time, if i'm not mistaking with the timezones?)
    what about playing at around noon your time, or up to a couple of hours later if you prefer? that's evening for me, which is fine. earlier is good as well
    hey! i'm gmt+1. i'm good pretty much whenever you want during daytime, let me know your timezone so we can plan our battle. see you
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