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  • No I mean you'd better find a seed with low shiny frames.
    Int'l parents would be appreciated as the chance of getting a shiny is 4x as ordinary breeding.
    The other parts are just as ordinary breeding.
    everything is basically the same. Here's how it goes. 1. Find your SID
    2. Use Pokecheck to find it.
    3. Paste it on the main page
    4. Paste it on the time finder
    5. Look for a seed, make sure to mark the Shiny only square.
    6. You want to use international parents.
    7. Everything else is the same.
    8. There's no number 8
    9. ???
    10. Profit
    Well it works just like ordinary breeding.
    The only difficulty is that you have to find a shiny seed (by int'l parents), or otherwise it's just breeding at all.
    That's good! Just remember, if you start having trouble, the first thing you should do is double-check that you did everything in Reporter correctly. It happens to everyone, even experienced RNGers.
    Kind of odd how you're getting VFrame 8... But I guess if that's what you're getting then that's what you'll need to use.
    It really is no trouble at all. Yeah, it's a good idea to go RNG something else to see if you got it. Afterall, practice makes perfect :D

    I have no control over whether or not the picture stays on tinypic, but I have it saved on my system so I can re upload it if it dissappears.
    And what made me start at frame 48 is the button at the side labelled "Calculate Initial PIDRNG Frame". That automatically fills in what the starting frame is for the PIDRNG for any given seed
    No trouble, glad to help. Just to let you know, I'll be trying to put together some RNGing video guides of my own soon, I'll let you know when I get around to making them.
    Give me a moment to put together a picture explaining how I figured out you need to Chatot/Save 14 times
    so for now i could save if i wanted to do this metang right now, i can train chatot tomorow after work. so, from what i gave you, how did you work out i would need to chatter or save 14times, also what else would i neeed to do?
    You virtually ALWAYS need a chatot, because it makes advancing the PIDRNG frame so much easier!

    Every time you bring up Chatot's summary, as long as it has a Chatter recorded it will advance the PIDRNG by 1. In your case, for this naughty metang you would need to bring up Chatot's summary 14 times. It's either that or save 14 times, so you can see why Chatot is the preferred method.
    Well, this seed would let you get a Naughty natured one, which does boost attack, but I'm afraid if you're not using a chatot even that might be a bit out of your reach...
    Yes, that hexadecimal number is what I needed, now I can start helping you.

    A few more questions: are you bothered about the nature of the metang? If so, are you using a synchroniser?
    I'm sorry what? How did you get a V Frame of 8? I swear that's like, always meant to be 6. Anyway, you haven't answered my question yet. What I'm asking you to do is search for an IV frame that you like the look of, and give me the seed value for that. It should be written in hexadecimal
    If you'll give me a bit of time, I can put together a series of pictures that should hopefully better illustrate what you're meant to be doing? I will need some information from you though. You need to tell me what seed you're trying to use, then I'll be able to help easier.
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