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  • I am very eager to battle you, are you available to go on Shoddy now?
    >:D Now that Slowking is out, I am going to start rolling out big in NU.
    Hey. Let's see...we can do this now if you are on. Otherwise I am good on Sunday. 3-8pm Eastern Time.
    Yo man!

    The NU stuff still going strong?

    I've had some different priorities in the last few months and I've just got XBL a while back so I haven't been active on this much at all, but I still have a lurk now and again.

    Been trying to get back into it now and again actually, so anything you can do to convince me, go for it!
    Entei also got Extremespeed which is pretty good. I have also realised that Smogon basially copies te news from Serebii, at least I think so...
    Hey. Well, I should manage to build a team within a week or so, then we will schedule a time for the match. Don't worry, I never forgot of a deadline in my career! P.S.: it's the first time we battle... sounds intriguing^^ Can't wait for it!
    So, does this mean I am still in as a sub or am I out D: Oh well...
    Hey, I'm back! So what's been happening with the tourney?
    Also, ENTEI WITH FLARE BLITZ, everyone is gonna use it ^_^
    Mind you, I've been asking for a battle for a week now but only yesterday I saw him back on ._.
    Sceats, I'm in a little situation here. With my Tourney matches...
    I was able to go on his time the oast few days, but cannot for the next several due to a school camp, but he was unable to go on when I was able to, but is able to now...

    Err, what do you propose?
    I need to withdraw...sorry I have SATs and all this other stuff that just came at me
    Is it possible for me and diesel to get a little time extension to the 7th of March for the NU tourney?
    Thanks for notifiying me bro! So the name is "ashley" nothing more or less yeah? Also, when is my deadline for the battles and must I also submit my team to you as well?
    Okay, I sent a message to Void, thanks for subbing me in! Will get it done within the next couple of days.
    Hey sceats, its me Vaz Bro! Just wondering, is it too late to become a sub on the NU tournament of yours? As I missed the application. Would of loved to been in it D: Anyway, how are you?
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