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    There's nothing we can do about it, sadly. I'm glad you've decided to take up the best tier in BW.
    Its OK. Besides, I was messing up with the wording in the post, since frailty would have been a better word to use.
    You seem to be very nice, kinda like PTJon7.

    Sorry for being a bit complicated at times, but I try to post reasonable content.
    I feel so sorry dude :[ I'm gonna finish it, already started writing it, the problem is that I can write small parts per day because I got an Extended Essay to do, but I'll do an extra effort.
    haha wow. pretty skilled there I see. Just like my Toxic Orb Adamant Guts Sun Boosted Fire Fang Flareon lol
    It's been a while since we've last chatted, but I took the liberty of implementing your new Garchomp overview onsite!
    hmm. it's an interesting dilemma. personally i prefer the extra speed for garuntees and if i'm going to run that then i may as well run enough to outrun 8 speed heatran. the usage stats suggest i'd outrun at least 40% of heatran on the ladder. losing 44 hp evs from the given choice specs set means 5% more chance of being 2hkod (before rocks) besides.

    i can't find a calculator that considers rocks, annoyingly!
    oh sorry theres a typo in there, i meant 152 evs.

    genuine question: how much difference would the loss of 44 evs, or 11 hp, make? honestly i can't see it being significant but you are a much high standard of battler than me.
    yeah, i was just going through the speed tiers and i thought it'd be an interesting way to circumvent something that previously could be considered a counter. could be useful!

    anyway i was just wondering if you had considered it because i'm about to rng and train a magnezone ingame and didn't want to waste my time with something inefficient. i think i will go with it though. i imagine that on the whole it'll be more useful than the extra bulk.
    hey, can i ask why you use 108 speed evs with specs magnezone and not 162 to outspeed neutral 8 ev heatran? specs tbolt does min 45% to the specially defensive set, which polishes off any weakened heatran.
    with stab its 120 xd i use a calculator where i put the effective base power of the move.. it should be right
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