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  • Hey I subbed you in my tourney Home Field Advantage for Xtrashine. You can still play Week 4, 5, and 1's matchups (Week 1 for SethZiBritannia). Make sure to read post #279 for sub rules.
    Hi im GMT +10 and those times you can play are the middle of the night for me, perhaps we should schedule for sometime this weekend?
    Oh my iPhone trolled my ass

    It showed you using my chomper lolol sry bout that
    for a minute I was sure I confirmed a game i never played in the farm league....
    Hey, do you have any day in particular you'd like to do our matches?
    lol sorry I forgot reply you back so I'm GMT -7 and I can battle this weekend cause I dont have much time in the week unless you want to play around of 12:00-3:00 am in your country.
    Yeah, I don't want to wait for the weekend because I'll be at an anime convention so my activity isn't guaranteed, I'd like to do this ASAP. How about 6 PM your time tomorrow or Wednesday?
    Hey I'm sorry about yesterday, I had our match marked on my schedule for today mistakenly >_< Are you able to battle this weekend at all? I should be good at just about any time, so just tell me when is best for you.
    And i would like to sorry for my behaviour at last match, i was pretty upset and turned it on you, even it wasn't your fault
    sorry this time i can only play this week end, big exams week, don't have a day off, and i would like to play on NBS this time, not PO

    if you need a dl link to NBS, ask me
    unfortunately i won't be able to play until saturday. i'm good on saturday and sunday. i'm carlo- on po server if you want at least to start this. see you!
    nvm i'm going out, i shall contact you when i'm back, which is likely to happen somewhere around 8pm
    informier mich mal wieder über alle smogon tunire ich steig jetzt so richtig fett wieder ein GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP
    hey man, i'm gmt+1 as well and those times are fine. i'll be idling every day on po main server and showdown from 6pm -just contact me there where you wish when you want to play. i'd like to do this soon if possible, so shall we meet tomorrow already? see you!
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