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  • They Team hopefully will be popular, I'm posting the different areas, and sorry to "jump the gun" but I know you really like Hoenn, and hence Gen III, and have made you the Team's Moderator for the Gen III discussion forum. And what Gen is the Groundon avaliable? I can trade 4th like now, but it might take a while for gen 5.
    Okay thats all I wanted to know! So VM me or post in your shop when the parking is done! XD
    Sure thats nice!

    The Kyogre is what really interests me!

    Oh I forgot! If you are planning it is gonna be caught on Ruby? :O
    Im not asking for a CP. (If your willing to do one then yes)

    Im just saying if your planning too?
    Ok thanks! So you know any idea when they will be parked?

    Just 1 more question: Are you planning yo RNG A shiny Japanese groundon?
    Im saying if you told a user: ShadowKyogre443 about saying that the DW Squritle is his.

    Well no its only mine.Your the first one who wanted my DW Squrtile so I figured it was you.
    1 more thing. Did you tell someone about me trade you my own DW Squrtile?

    If you did oh god....its mine for the love of god!
    Tombstoner do you want the Reshiram?

    How long will the parking can be done?

    Oh yea can you trade in 4th gen?
    how about seismic toss, counter, softboiled and mimic or hypnosis (if you have access to XD)?
    I do have a Boomtwo, but it's a soft reset and isn't all that shabby. (It's Naive with 31 Spe and 20+ in all but SpD which was like 13)
    Regarding the Mence, I don't mind receiving it as a .pkm, I'll PM you my email address.
    Wait so your gonna have the UT one and the tutor one? Cuz I really like the UT one.

    IVs of resh.

    Hey Tombstoner it takes me some time to get the clones of Zekrom done...but if you want I can replace Zekrom with the event Reshiram..which has pretty good IVs. You interested?
    Yes, but its the question if I want to share, what I've slaved over with the public? Not being Rude or anything,
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