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  • Best of luck with it! Hopefully one day I will learn, if I do I will be sure to consult it! If you ever need some ideas for 3rd Generation RNG for you. I'm currently re-playing my Emerald Cartand hopefully at the end, I'm going to start breeding the hard way to get non-RNG'd pokemon. Do you have any ideas for a first pokemon breed I could do? With Egg Moves and Stuff. Because I'm not going to be using a flawless Ditto on 3rd gen, I'm going to get a right nature Ditto with a Synchronizer to catch one. To have a 50% chance of passing on Dittos nature I use a Everstone right?
    Hey man. I really liked those pokes you had in DMP! I guess maybe you're maybe a Hoenn addict like me! I wish I could RNG, but I don't do that sort of thing, once again Congratulations on those awesome pokemon!!
    So the trade is cancelled...
    Anyway if you ever manage to get them back(if possible) or you RNG them again,give me a call please.
    Hi,i can trade now if you can clone back the modest slowpoke.If not,then we'll probably have to trade on our arranged time.

    Edit : i have them cloned.
    Nice,can you come tommorow two hours(or more if possible) earlier so that we can trade(it is 1 am here and i have school the day after tommorow)?
    Yeah np. When Kaphotics made his XD tool I asked him to check that Zapdos and the spread doesn't exist. IVs are tied to the PID in XD/Col like 3rd and 4th gen game but a different method is used so different spreads are available but there are restrictions.
    Btw that one guy's XD Zapdos that is Timid 26/7/31/26/27/27 is a hack. Such a shame.
    Hi. This is pretty random, but I wanted to clear something up about a post you made around 3 weeks ago. If you see others distributing my Pokemon here, as long as they have half a brain, they should be completely legal. Pokecheck has a loophole designed into it so that you can still clone Pokemon without the ribbon. Downloading the Pokemon doesn't attach a ribbon, so you can use another fake gts program to upload it to your cartridge for an indistinguishable legal copy.
    Did you CMT for registeel? If its ok with you I'd like groudon with these moves: double-edge, seismic toss, counter and body slam thanks.
    I'd really like your registeel with seismic toss, counter, body slam and mimic so i'll wait if thats ok with you. let me know if you find anything you like for it. thanks.
    Can you trade today? you still haven't told me which DW mamoswine you want (adamant, jolly or naughty). Can you please recheck my thread for your shiny emerald registeel? can you teach it body slam and mimic too?
    And thank you for the offer to do banners, but I have someone on it!
    I really appreciate it though :D
    I would provide you 9 saves, on which you can get the 9 shiny Jirachis. Those saves will be edited though, since that's the only way to get shiny Jirachis. Also, I will provide you the image.
    I have an image of the Disc, but no way to restore those. Can you do a CP for me?(I will provide the save etc and the disc)
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